Arab Fashion Week – Jean-Louis Sabaji x Barbie

Without a doubt, I’ve always loved Barbie and still do. I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I was to learn that there would be a Barbie Fashion Show in association with Designer Jean-Louis Sabaji, who has partnered with Mattel and the Arab Fashion Council to launch a Barbie-inspired collection. I grew up with … More Arab Fashion Week – Jean-Louis Sabaji x Barbie

Modest Fashion

To me modest fashion is so much more than just wearing covered or loose-fitted outfits, to me Modest Fashion gives me Dignity, Elegance, and Respect. Most people when hearing the word ‘Modest Fashion’ assume think it’s mainly for religious women or fulfilling some sort of religious obligation. which is a common misconception, while this may … More Modest Fashion

Styling Tips – Chunky Loafers, 90’s style.

Fashion in the 90s was very youthful and carefree styles, from grunge to minimalist and boho-inspired outfits. The Bohemian style became extremely popular in the late 1990s whether it was wearing bucket hats, or floral prints gaining popularity by Pheobe from the series friends! So how can we style our current outfits to a retro/the … More Styling Tips – Chunky Loafers, 90’s style.

Charles & Keith X Coco Capitán

Gucci collaborator Coco Capitán launches Charles & Keith capsule collection. Charles & Keith has always had a creative approach to their designing and marketing, this time calling upon the artistic style of Spanish-born Photographer and artist Coco Capitán, best known for her collaborations with Gucci, releasing her shoe and bag capsule collection. Her new collaboration … More Charles & Keith X Coco Capitán

Stranger Things Inspired – Modest Outfit

Everyone’s favorite 80s, science fiction drama, Stranger Things, is finally back for its fourth season. Netflix’s nostalgic, sci-fi sensations are once again Netflix’s number one show!  1980s aesthetic and influence is a strong and important feature throughout the Stranger Things series. With 80s pop culture references, set design, and most importantly, fashion are significant additions to … More Stranger Things Inspired – Modest Outfit