Charles & Keith X Coco Capitán

Gucci collaborator Coco Capitán launches Charles & Keith capsule collection.

Charles & Keith has always had a creative approach to their designing and marketing, this time calling upon the artistic style of Spanish-born Photographer and artist Coco Capitán, best known for her collaborations with Gucci, releasing her shoe and bag capsule collection.

Her new collaboration with the predominantly Asia-based retailer Charles & Keith comes from black penny loafers embroidered with her handwritten prose and tiny blue flowers. Inspired by the classic childhood game, “he loves me, he loves me not”, the collection incorporates the delicate petals of a daisy as its main highlight. Stitching blue daisies into chunky black loafers.

The capsule collection includes a black mini tote bag, which features a short tale stitched onto one side of the bag, and the same blue flowers stitched on the other side.

Capitán’s capsule collection “reflects her cool-girl attitude”.These pieces, paired with her poignant prose, are perfect collector’s items for art lovers and the fashion-forward crowd.

Script on one side of the loafers reads: “Loves Me Blue, Love Me Blue Not.” Meanwhile, the writing on the bag reads: “The hope that carries a blue flower growing and cracking the concrete, watered with rain in a corner nobody steps.”

Charles & Keith view structured silhouettes as a canvas for a new design of their stylish aesthetic, looking to nature to create a youthful capsule that inhabits light, freedom, and fun.

Continuing their legacy as a label that can inspire creativity without extravagance, and encourage experimentation without discomfort.

Check out their collection at 6thStreet
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