About Me

A Dubai-born and bred aspiring Entrepreneur, Blogger, Influencer & Podcaster from an e-recruitment professional to a social media expert who has a passion for Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty & Travel.

This blog is a lifestyle information hub, where there will be Body Positive & Modest Fashion, Movie Reviews, Latest trends, Beauty advice, Hospitality Reviews, and home care information which you will find quite useful.

Podcast With Sarah

The Little Mermaid Movie Review Podcast with Sarah

For more details about the movie check out my blog post where I also discuss the difference between the animation and live-action movie. http://www.lifestylewithsarah.com
  1. The Little Mermaid Movie Review
  2. Mental Wellness
  3. The importance of Faith
  4. Crazy Bear / Cocaine Bear Movie Review
  5. Avatar – The Way Of Water – Review

Brand Ambassador/Influencer:
Olay Arabia
Shein Curve
6th Street
Bath & Body Works

Global Peace Chain
Modest Fashion Week
Modest Catwalk


What you will find here:

  • Fashion
  • Movies
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Home care
  • Environmental topics
  • Travel

Contact me at sarashafni@gmail.com for more information or fill out the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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