How do you find your personal style?

People underrate the influence of clothing. And they typically do it because they’ve fallen out of inspiration and find it simpler to make excuses or the fact that they just don’t have the time to think of styling their outfits.

But one of the best presentation and communication methods is having a distinct sense of style and appearance. It is a creative way to express oneself, make a strong first impression, and add a voice to your personality without the use of words.

In case you’ve been wondering where to begin, or how you actually find your inner style and personality, look no further here’s a post that’s going to help you start!

So what is your style?

Your style should be an expression of your interests, creativity, and way of living. Creating a personal style allows you to express yourself and become the person you want to be by acquiring a distinctive appearance and clothing.

Styling has a significant influence on how people perceive and judge you, but it may also help you develop in life and find your tribe.

Your style is a special mashup of fashion subgenres (such as traditional, contemporary, bohemian, etc.) that perfectly captures who you are, what you enjoy, and what you do.

Even though several different fashion categories may have influenced your look, there will be one that stands out. And that’s what you should make note of.

Your style Inspiration

No one individual will be your actual source of fashion inspiration. Most likely, it will be a fusion of inspirations from several stylists. Start browsing images of models, celebrities, and other people you admire for style inspiration.

It’s crucial to distinguish between the styles you like and enjoy and the styles you aspire to have.

For instance, if you’re looking for runway fashion trends, you might want to refer to Bella Hadid or Emily Ratajkowski, but if you’re looking for red carpet or celebrity fashion trends you might want to follow Zendaya, Florence Pugh, or Lily Collins.

For modest and sophisticated celebrity inspiration, I tend to follow Kate Middleton, Angeline Jolie, Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen, Emma Stone, and Victoria Beckham

However, take note of the search results and consider if the style is one you genuinely want to wear or just one you enjoy seeing on other people.

Questions to ask yourself

  1. Do I have any of the pieces she/he is wearing in my closet already? (if yes, that’s a good sign)
  2. Would I style myself like this? 
  3.  Does this style match my personality?

What’s in your closet?

Your style is built on the clothes you wear. And if you don’t think your clothing matches your fashion goals, Start looking through your closet to determine which items fit both your inspiration for style and your lifestyle (job, family, entertainment, etc.).

Now be the model for your style

Your wardrobe now reflects your sense of style and you have a better understanding of the styles you appreciate. Start experimenting with your wardrobe selections.

Instead of exactly replicating the ensembles, make your version of the pieces from your style inspiration. To better suit your body type, you may do this by keeping the primary components of your outfit the same while adding other layering pieces or changing the proportions of the appearance.

Focus on your best features.

What quality do people always praise about you? For your hourglass figure, then you need to invest in some good belts to emphasize your waist or your long legs, you can focus on investing in some quality skirts, etc.

Or if you prefer a more modest style, invest in statement jackets or dresses, Playing to your strengths will make you more confident. You can utilize your sense of style as a superpower by doing this.

Find your Signature Style

Some patterns and choices of clothing items will probably start to emerge as your style folder grows and the more outfits your try out.

With almost every ensemble, you will find yourself grabbing for one or two pieces. You will ultimately find your trademark item, whether it be a shirt or a statement piece jacket.

For instance, my signature style is layering my outfits with bomber jackets or blazers, giving a modest and sophisticated look.

A signature or statement piece unifies your style and defines who you are to the outside world. It need not be a peculiar or unusual trait; it only has to be something that represents who you are.

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