Stranger Things Inspired – Modest Outfit

Everyone’s favorite 80s, science fiction drama, Stranger Things, is finally back for its fourth season. Netflix’s nostalgic, sci-fi sensations are once again Netflix’s number one show! 

1980s aesthetic and influence is a strong and important feature throughout the Stranger Things series. With 80s pop culture references, set design, and most importantly, fashion are significant additions to the show to allow the 80s timeline to truly become recognized. 

Here’s a modest attempt of Robins Look from the series, I used an oversized denim jacket with gold spikes on the pockets, paired with a black t-shirt and leggings, giving a very 80s vibe to the outfit.

Sneakers with a gold accent to add a bit of glam and a bright dazzling heart keychain to accessorize my handbag!

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