Blush Pink Eid Outfit

Most of my Eid outfits have always been the traditional outfit, Such as Shalwar Kameez, but I preferred to remix this Eid, that’s right “Remix” my outfit.

When I mean by remixing my outfit, I’m mixing different fabrics and clothing items to make one complete look. This concept is very popular in the fashion world with celebrities and popular fashionable figures.

All you have to do is use your styling skills and creativity and you will be able to make a unique statement piece! This Eid, I remixed 2 brands to make the look, and ofcourse added other brands to accessorize the look, I call this the Blush Pink Remix.

Rather than shopping for a complete outfit from one store, While shopping I noticed this beautiful blush pink crepe chiffon top from Splash Fashion, one look at the top and I knew I could work it and make it a complete look, it had a desi vibe to it, giving it a very Eid Aesthetic

Now for the pants, I used Marks and Spencer capri pants that went well with the top, the blush pink top from Splash Fashion has dark grey and gold designs, and the pants complimented the look.

I had the perfect blush shoes from Nine West Arabia and the most beautiful Zara golden sequin purse, that went well with the gold details.

Accessorizing with very minimalistic studs and wore my statement butterfly ring which had a blush pink tint to it.

I was very happy with the complete look and believe each piece complimented the other, and got a lot of compliments from guests and friends, assuring me the remix concept worked!

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