2 ways of styling a Hot Pink Skirt

Hot Pink is the Color of the Year!

Hot pink is cute, as well as edgy, when paired with the right color and worn in the right style, the look is simply perfect!

This fashion trend of 2022 has taken over just about every clothing as of late, proving that this dopamine dressing trend, just one item of this color will sum up your whole look!

Seen on runways (Valentino’s 2022 collection), celebrities (Lizzo, Florence Pugh, Anne Hathaway), and many more! From fluorescent pink to fuchsia, this bold, aggressive color has become deeply embedded in all things both feminine and femme.

Whether you are planning to attend a prom, a friend’s birthday party, your sister’s engagement, or just partying with your friends- a hot pink skirt should be your ultimate choice!

I’m obsessed with this 6th Street versatile hot pink skirt that can either be glammed up or styled casual, the skirt is from Aila Fashions and is just perfect for this season!

This color looks great on every skin tone and can be worn with different colored blouses. Also, the footwear and accessories options that come with this color are endless.

Here 2 ways of styling a hot pink skirt:

  1. Casual & Comfortable
    Denim Shirt
    White T-shirt
  2. Classy & Chic
    Black Blazer
    Satin & Lace Cami
    Black Pumps


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Let me know what you think of this style.

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