Summer Fashion Trends 2022

With the temperatures soaring it’s time to upgrade our outfits, from the stuff you already own to the pieces worth investing in, here’s your helpful guide for the season ahead.

Day time sparkle

Sparkly outfits don’t just have to be for special occasions, Nothing says ‘I’m still alive!’ in 2022 than a daily celebration of life adding sparkles anywhere you can even if it is during day time! When we think of sparkles it’s hard to think of anything but festivities and partying all night long, Sequins are the perfect way to spice up your everyday look!

Beading Summer Trend

Keeping with the embellishment theme, anything DIY-esque is alright especially if the garment involves beading. From purses to clothing, to home decor — anything bright, colorful, and handmade with love should be at the top of your list!

Bridgerton Vibes

Thanks in large to the return of Bridgerton, regencycore is still a beloved escapist trend by fashionistas and influencers.

Summertime always brings out the floral prints and feminine dresses, With the Bridgerton series popularity, Regencycore is trending. Think statement sleeves, dresses with feminine detailing, bows, and even corset tops.


monochromatic looks are a go-to for summer, bright colors are the popular monochromatic look, and a unique take to monochromatic outfits is head-to-toe-white for summer. It’s a chic, effortless way to immediately elevate a look, especially in the summertime.

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