L’Oreal White Perfect Day Cream Review πŸ’™

L'Oreal White Perfectday cream

There’s a lot of hype on whitening treatments & whitening creams these days, not just to alter their complexion, mostly wanting to opt for a more brighter and glowing skin.

We all know that bright radiant skin is also from the result of a good skin regime, in order to achieve this it’s important to take into factor how to even out your skin tone. I’ve come across a lot of fairness creams, most were either too greasy or too patchy or they
tend to dry my skin out, searching for the right fairness cream can turn out to be an expensive round of trial and error.

A good quality skin whitening cream has 3 roles to play, which is.

  1. Smoothen and even out your skin tone
  2. Brighten your skin
  3. Reducing your dark spots caused by acne or sun damage.

Browsing through the Loreal stall (Yes, Yes I know. I’m such a Loreal Girl LOL) I come across Loreal White Perfect Day Cream with SPF 17. Bought it, tried it for more than a 2 weeks now.. and all I can say.. is that I’m loving it!! and this is now going to be a staple
in my skincare regime along with other Loreal products!!

As mentioned in my earlier review, Loreal is a great brand with quality products sourcing quality ingredients. And as always you must invest in good quality products for your skin.


L’Oreal White Perfect – Day Cream – SPF 17 PA++
Whitening + Even Skin Tone

About the Product

The product reveals your radiant fairness, with this light and non-greasy day cream. Enriched with Melanin-VanishTM that helps to reduce spots and visibly brighten skin tone and Tourmaline Gemstone that helps to stimulate skin microcirculation to reveal you’re natural healthy glow.


  • Tourmaline Gemstone – Improves your skin radiance and rosy glow in the morning
  • Sun Protection – SPF 17 to protect you from UV Damage
  • Melanin – Vanish
  • Dermatologically Tested and Proven on Asian Women



  • Immediately – skin is perfectly hydrated and visibly brighter
  • Day after day – skin looks fairer, more transparent with a healthy radiant glow.


My Verdict

I fell in love with this product on the first use! This cream played its magic by instantly brightening my skin which was a shocker for me! I mean I’ve never seen a cream that shows its magic on the first application. I felt instant hydration, brightened and radiant effect on my skin. Ideally used for mornings on a cleansed face and neck.

The cream is enriched with advanced melanin block to lighten skin tone and reduce spots by stopping melanin formation. It also contains a special ingredient called Pink Tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone that claims to stimulate skin microcirculation and help your skin glow.

The SPF 17++ is a great addition to the whitening cream, this product not only helps brighten your skin but also prevents sun damage at the same time.

Let’s review the Pros and Cons, shall we?

– Brighter Skin with a transparent glow
– Well Hydrated
– Evening out my skin tone
– Mild and pleasant fragrance
– Non-greasy

– So far I can only think of one, In 2 weeks my dark spots are slightly faded but not much, I still need to use the product for atleast a month to see proper results, but overall the product is true to its claim.

This is most definitely a perfect fairness cream for oily/combination skin. It hydrates well and brings on an instant glow thereby brightening your overall complexion.

Retailing to 46.75 AED, a reasonable price to pay for such great quality products.

Available in all leading hypermarkets.

Has any of you used this product? Share with us your experience.

45 thoughts on “L’Oreal White Perfect Day Cream Review πŸ’™

  1. Thanks for your reply.My sister is continously being asked for this product.But when i move around malls i saw the product made in germany and made in Indonesia. So i have doubt wether it is duplicate or not? So kindly help me to find out the genuine one while purchasing.what are all the points to purchase a original one.


  2. Very informative. Really looking forward to use this product. Do a review on a best eyecream ever.really searching for one.haven’t tried any.anxiously waiting for ur review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have used revitalift at night and day time this cream it was ok just use as few dabs dont apply alot. Also try this for a week and check how ure skin reacts to this. Since every skin is different what works for me may not work for u.


      1. Once I apply my face this cream then when I wash my face after using this cream.please tell me dea.morning I wash my face then I apply this cream when I wash my face dea


  3. thanks for ur reply madam… i got one today which i ordered in online but when i applied my skin became dark insted of britening…and scent is too heavy …in the box its says imported from hongkong and made country also written in some unknown languge so ..thats why i asked…i am not sure whether i got the fake or not


  4. I have under eye dark circles too so can i use this for full face will it reduces pls let me know
    Only at night should use this ?
    Onces a day ?
    Can we apply this on the face and cook ?
    Go in sunny day out


    1. Hun u can apply this on face preferably day time coz of the spf, for ure dark circles id suggest to use specific creams for the eyes. Yes u can apply and cook but i tendy to get sweaty if exposed to alot of heat. Make sure u wear an spf everytime u go out even when at home during day time.


  5. I have under eye dark circles too so can i use this for full face will it reduces pls let me
    Onces a day ?
    Can we apply this on the face and cook ?
    Go in sunny day out


  6. Sara plz tell me if i m applying then i feel like sticky so plz help mecan wht sould i do end i hv 1 problem My
    skin are dry but i use this cream then im so irradiation I don’t know why then i apply powder so wht sould i do end one thing i want ask u can i apply like a base i mean to first i apply loreal cream then put a little bit facepowder so plz guide me dear


    1. Hi Saba, this cream was not sticky for me. But if you have an oily skin and you feel this cream is not suiting you, such as you are feeling more oily, or breaking out. This may not be suiting you. Always do a patch test on your hands before trying on skin. Yes you can wear this under your face powder but see if you are reacting. If so best to discontinue.


  7. Hlw
    I m first using loreal perfect white day cream but when am apply on my face then my face little irritating or burning.
    i think it’s not suited on my face . Otherwise may be it’s harsh chemicals is responsible.


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