Modest Fashion

To me modest fashion is so much more than just wearing covered or loose-fitted outfits, to me Modest Fashion gives me Dignity, Elegance, and Respect.

Most people when hearing the word ‘Modest Fashion’ assume think it’s mainly for religious women or fulfilling some sort of religious obligation. which is a common misconception, while this may be true for some most of the women who chose to dress modestly are independent women with power and respect in society and above all respect for themselves.

For example, if you see women in leadership roles, be it in leading roles such as Politics (First Ladies, Governers, Presidents), Ceo of a company, Journalists, news anchors, or the best example the royal family.

what you will notice is none of these women are only based on spiritual roles, but modern and respected women in society. They do not wear plunging necklines, they don’t show a lot of skin, crop tops, micro or mini short skirts, etc but instead choose to dress conservatively.

The most important aspect of modest fashion is that it promotes body positivity on its own. It naturally takes the pressure off and removes the emphasis away from being a size zero, and that is one of the main reasons why modest fashion is gaining popularity globally.

Modest Fashion is a global style where the clothes are covering the body more. Loose cuts and long cuts are the key style element of modest fashion, the West is finally catching up with the Middle East in terms of tasteful dressing.

International brands have picked up on this trend and have created collections catering to the modest woman – brands such as DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Zara, Mango, and many more.

Women in the Middle East have long expressed their fashion taste through layering and soft silhouettes, Hijab and Abaya are also a part of the modest fashion, which some women choose to wear as part of their identity or faith, this is never forced onto them, and if you notice many women beautifully style their outfits aligning to their faith and personal choice.

Modest fashion comes with a new proposal of beauty that refuses stereotyping fashion and beauty standards. Fashion brands are increasingly embracing the long-held view shared by those in the region that style does not have to equate to revealing a lot of flesh.

It stands for inclusivity and welcoming different body types, lifestyles, cultures, and faiths.

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