Your Good Skin Care Review πŸ’–


Boots have always been well known for their affordable and quality products, used to love their No7 skincare range which was a staple in my skincare for a long time.

When it comes to skincare with affordability, Boots has definitely raised their stakes thanks its new skincare range called “Your Good Skin”.

The pharmacy’s first brand in 15 years features a line up of 23 products which are formulated paraben free, the range covers from cleansing, moisturizing, and other skin concerns. The brand is designed to tackle the root cause of common skin issues.

Whats even more interesting is the development of this skin range is led by Dr. Mike Bell, who previously dealt with projects from the No7 brand.

β€œOur research shows that women want consistently healthy looking skin but achieving this can be difficult when everyday life factors such as air pollution, temperature change, hormone change, stress or tiredness can cause the skin to become unbalanced,”

β€œOur solution was to develop the ultimate skin care
hack: a range of products to deliver visibly healthier skin in just 28 days.”
says Dr. Bell.

That’s right 28 days to a visibly healthier skin. I’ve put this to test for 28 days I tried the following products from their skincare range:

1. Balancing Skin Concentrate
2. Pro Vitamin Overnight Cream
3. SPF 30 Anti-oxidant Day Cream
4. Refreshing Face Wash
5. Energizing Facial Scrub
6. Moisturizing Makeup remover wipes

6 products for 28 days, I suffer from an acne prone skin due to hormonal issues, and its very rare skin cares stick to their promise, skeptical about the product at first and then that changed.

to prove you all the results, I decided to journal my thoughts about the products on a weekly basis and here are the weekly results:

Skin Journal – Week 1

Right after using the face wash, scrub and both the day and night creams this week, my skin feels much smoother and softer.

I can feel the star of the range is the concentrate, which easily gets absorbed into my skin and working its magic.

What I’m noticing is the skin feeling less oily, and slightly minimizing the appearance of my pores.

All this in one week, can’t wait for day 28!

Week One – No Makeup or Filter

Skin Journal – Week 2

Been a busy week with events & shoots, all the makeup is definitely a strain on my skin and a reason to clog my pores! I must say the makeup remover wipes along with the refreshing face wash removes every trace of my makeup and leaving my skin feel radiant and nourished! The green tea extracts, Vitamin C with soothing Bisabolol is definitely helping my skin feel clean and healthy.

I’m using the Energising Facial scrub as well, this gives me the feel of an actual salon facial, leaving my skin soft and glowing! The scrub gently exfoliates, clears my pores keeping my skin smooth and fresh!

The concentrate is the winner here, helping to balance my skin, leaving my skin smoother and brighter with less visible pores!

I’m loving these products can’t wait for the end result!

Skin Journal – Week 3

The SPF is making all the difference to my skin, With my daily walks despite the cold weather, the UV rays are still there even in winter and we must take precautions and protect our skin from further damage.

The Your good skin SPF is an Anti-Oxidant day cream with SPF 30, is a non-pore-blocking formula that is formulated without parabens and is oil-free which is just perfect for my acne prone skin!

Your skin definitely feels healthy, balanced and above all protected! wearing a good SPF every morning makes such a difference to my skin!, had I known the impact this makes on my skin, I would’ve definitely been taking better care of my skin!

Skin Journal – Week 4

The Your Good Skin pro vitamin night cream has been working its magic on my skin! I never believed in night creams and always thought they were just overly commercialized to have us buy more products! But this night cream has definitely changed my opinion.

The Provitamin night cream nourishes, balances, and cares for your skin while you’re asleep! It supports your skins natural balance, this product also just like the rest of the range is formulated with Green Tea, Vitamin C, E & B5.

Whats the selling point of this range besides its nourishing benefits is that the product is
“Non-pore-blocking”! this is what all acne-prone skinned women want to hear!! almost every product I’ve come across always had the tendency to block my pores and aggravate my acne! So this is definitely a winner!

By week 4, my skin feels radiant, nourished with minimized pores and less oily!!


Week Four – No Makeup or Filter


It’s after getting introduced to this brand and getting to experience this brand for 4 weeks, I’ve come to realize how important it is for us to invest in our skin and to make sure proper care and protection is given. With the fast paced life we all are going through, the stress, and the environmental factors we are definitely doing a lot of damage to our skin, and if you want to get the good skin you need to invest not just your money but your time.


This skincare is definitely going to be a staple skin regimen for me, and trust me when I say this, you don’t need to invest in all those expensive saloon facials or skin peeling procedures. With the right diet, enough intake of water, better stress control and above all the perfect skincare range that caters to all our skin need.

Your good skin care range is a winner! and according to me should be awarded!!

The product is available in Boots pharmacy.

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