Crazy Bear – Movie Review

Is it just me or did back in the 80s, things seemed more crazy and fun! with a growing trend and popularity of movies and TV series capturing the essence of the 80s and all the interesting events that took place during the time, one of the most unique cases (True Story) was a Bear doped in coke! 

Elizabeth Banks directed the movie Crazy Bear (inspired by a true event) which is based on the legendary true story of drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II (briefly played by Matthew Rhys), who died after leaping from his plane with 35 kilos of coke strapped to his body, landing in a Knoxville driveway after his parachute malfunctions. Before he got there, he dumped 40 containers full of cocaine in the forests of Georgia, one of which was stumbled upon by a black bear.

The real black bear died within minutes after ingesting 34 kilos of cocaine itself, was found by authorities weeks later, stuffed, and turned into a tourist attraction. But in Crazy Bear, the creature develops a dangerous addiction, searching the forest for more coke and gutting anyone who gets in its way.

The plot of Crazy Bear compromises of a few connecting storylines, Two pals looking to get their hands on some cocaine, one of whom has experienced heartbreak. A mother searching for her daughter and a companion who fled into the coke-filled wilderness and a park ranger who is in love with her colleague.

Their lives become intertwined when they come across an apex predator addicted to coke! The film bounces between action and comedy, with a handful of gore in typical 80’s slasher style!

In addition, Ray Liotta, who you may recognize from Goodfellas or, the villain in Wild Hogs, gives one of his final performances in the movie. Liotta’s eccentric acting is realistic, a skillful portrayal of a real-life character, or whether it’s actually who he is we can never be sure.

The choice of movie Elizabeth Banks chose to direct surely did raise a few eyebrows, but this also shows how brave and confident she is to be able to direct a unique movie like Crazy Bear and make a complete entertainment fiesta for audiences! Especially those who like classic 80’s thriller-styled movies!

Crazy Bear is a comedy-thriller that will take you for a wild and grizzly ride! The combination of unique humor and thrill makes this a complete entertainment package and most definitely Bank’s best directorial!

PG Rating – 15+ (Violence, Gore, Cocaine)

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