A Bridgerton themed Birthday Party

Dear readers, I am delighted to announce that the incomparable of the season celebrates her birthday today in what will surely be the celebration of the year!

Fear not, For if there is any scandal

at the said event, I shall uncover it.

Yours Sincerely.

Lady Whistledown

Any Bridgerton fans out there? The Netflix series has left millions of us swooning and channeling our inner-Duchessness. Not sure what it is, whether it’s the romantic era, the costumes, or just in general the whole vibe of the series makes you want to binge-watch every episode!

My sister has been a crazy fan of the series, she’s into the romantic era, books, and everything from the Victorian period! I knew for sure planning a Bridgerton themed birthday party would just be perfect for her!

It took me almost a month to plan the whole theme, design invitation cards, table cards, and the famous Lady Whistledown’s Society papers to spread through the table.

I took inspiration from the series, posters, and scenes and realized we needed the theme to have a lot of floral elements.

The Bridgerton themed birthday wouldn’t be special without the floral centerpiece and the bouquet giving the spread a floral paradise vibe!

A floral centerpiece adds such a royal and Bridgerton vibe! I’ve been lucky to work with @flowers.ae the most professional florists in town!

We discussed what I was visioning for the party and with our vision board of inspiration from the Bridgerton series and posters the florist put together the perfect combination of peonies and other complimenting flowers!

Once the arrangement was created they even sent a video for my approval which was super professional!

Next was the main highlight of the birthday cake! the Bridgerton themed birthday party was the beautiful cake by @cakedelightdxb. Created by 15 years experienced chef, A true hidden gem that provides not only beautiful cakes but cakes that taste good!

We spoke & discussed the theme and they understood what I needed with the given inspiration they matched the details to the bouquet and the spread along with the perfect floral and lace details in true Bridgeton style!

For the table decor I used a pink chiffon scarf, which had the prettiest details and colors, I used that as a table cloth topper on top of a plain white table cloth to add some feminine accent.

I tried to get creative with a picture frame by adding faux lavender flowers that seem like they’re popping out of a frame, which I think turned out well!

Also added strawberries on teacups, and we used vintage-styled ceramic teacup sets.

Invitation Cards , Table Cards with Bridgerton Quotes and The famous Lady Whistledown’s society paper!

Pink Shell Macarons
Mini Berry Tarts

The next highlight in the Bridgerton themed birthday party was the charcuterie cheese box by @hitchkidubai Now as most of you know a party is never complete without a charcuterie board of cheese, veggies, nuts, etc.

Cheese board with Non-Alcoholic Drink

@hitchkidubai transforms the charcuterie board into an exotic cheese box inspired by the middle eastern flavors curated by their culinary experts.

Each of the dishes in their cheese box compliments the other taking your taste buds on a flavorsome journey!

These are handcrafted and authentic flavors to the fullest!

In the Cheese Box you get:

Za’atar goat cheese balls

Cranberry pistachio cream cheese

Green chili & garlic cream cheese

Caramelised onion & pine nut cream cheese

Truffle Labneh

Stuffed dates, mixed nuts

Dry apricot, Dried Figs

Pickled vegetables

Cured Olives

Pita Pockets

Sesame Lavash, Grissini

As you can see I think we nailed the whole Bridgerton theme, the Birthday girl was very happy and that to me was worth all the effort! The Bridgerton theme would be perfect for a Bridal/Baby Shower, Birthdays, and even weddings!

I hope this would be helpful and inspiring for you to plan your Bridgerton event!

2 thoughts on “A Bridgerton themed Birthday Party

  1. Hello,
    Where did you order the lady whistledown society papers? My niece would like the same one but I can’t seem to find it.


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