Fashion & Makeup


Fashion has always been of an interest to me, be it street style, Budget-friendly, Boho, Chic, Classic or plus size. I always do my research on the latest fashion trends and enjoy attending fashion events. Growing up with a fashionable sister, there was so much I learned from her and she was always my personal stylist, so as you can see fashion was a definite influence to me, from her channel tops to her Gucci handbags there was always this passion for discovering the fashion world.

The goal here would be to share my current likes and share what I’m currently thinking about in terms of trends, a garment or accessory, street fashion, or something that I’ve seen on television or a magazine. Also, I would like to share my created sets, some fashion tips and projects I’m working on such as mood boards etc and even a review of the latest fashion book that I’m currently reading or even a current issue of a high fashion magazine.