Garnier – Ultra Doux (Avocado Oil & Shea Butter) – Review

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Living with frizz can be highly frustrating especially when you have curly hair. You put in so much effort to make your hair look perfect before you walk out of the house. and a few mins later you notice your hair puff up like a birds nest! even worse during the humid and heat season. It’s not an uncommon place to be and a whole lot of us, including me, have been there.

Many of us brush it off, blaming it on natural texture, but that shouldn’t be the case. Frizz is a result of a lacking hair care regimen, and that’s why a little extra attention is all it takes to tackle the problem head-on.

I’ve recently been introduced to the Garnier Ultra Doux (Avocado Oil and Shea Butter) This range consists of shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in cream to fully nourish your dry and frizzy hair. I was quite curious about how the avocado and shea butter would work as a shampoo and conditioner, and was looking forward to some positive results for my hair!


Garnier Ultra Doux  – Nourishing Shampoo

About the Product:
An intense nutritional recipe for very dry and frizzy hair, Garnier Ultra Doux combines Avocado Oil, for its softening properties, and the Shea butter for its high nutritional value, into a creamy and smooth shampoo that does not weigh your hair down.

My Experience:
With frizzy hair as mine, it’s very hard to be satisfied with any products that claim to tame down the frizz, since it almost either never works or does little improvement to my hair. But to be honest, when I tried this shampoo I could feel my hair soften and heal, I found the fragrance nice and pleasant. The shampoo was nice with not too foamy suds but just perfect, and the best thing about this product is it does not weigh your hair down. You can feel the shampoo hydrate your hair almost immediately which is great compared to other shampoo’s that can dry your hair out.



Garnier Ultra Doux  – Rich and Nourishing Conditioner

About the Product:
A genuine ultra-nourishing recipe for very dry and frizzy hair, in a detangling cream that melts instantly in your hair, Garnier Ultra Doux combines Avocado oil well known for its softening action, and the Shea butter well known for its ultra-nourishing action.

My Experience:
This is hands down one of the best conditioners I’ve tried! Most conditioners I’ve used in the past weighs my hair down, it really nourishes and moisturizes the hair without leaving that greasy feeling, as well as it smells very nice. The combination of Shea Butter and Avocado definitely works on hydrating my hair and leaving it more manageable to tame.

Garnier Ultra Doux  – Intense Nutrition Leave-In Cream

About the Product:
A genuine ultra-nourishing recipe for very dry and frizzy hair, the Garnier Ultra Doux Intense Nutrition hair cream combines the softening benefits of Avocado oil and the ultra-nourishing action of shea butter in an unctuous and light weighted hair care cream that melts in your hair.

My Experience:
This is a perfect way to style your hair without harsh chemicals to harm your hair, this leave-in cream makes it easy to use and style your hair, I use this after shower before blowdrying my hair, and you can feel your hair soft and supple by the benefits of Avocado oil and shea butter. I use this even when I’m not styling my hair, it tames the hair down and makes it manageable.

I would highly recommend these products to manage your hair, if you have curly, troubled and frizzy hair these products would definitely help you tame your mane!

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