TWG Tea Salon & Boutique – Dubai Mall


So we had a girls outing (Mom and sis), decided to go on a shopping spree to Dubai Mall, wanted to get some cosmetics and stop by at Kate Spade for a few things.

Since it was around 11am, we were kinda hungry,  haven’t had our breakfast yet, so my sis asked me to find a  good place for a wholesome breakfast.  I suggested TWG since its me and my husbands “go to” place for a weekend breakfast. This is located on the ground floor.

So we all walked in. I have to gladly admit that TWG always has this sophistication of a high – end café. I guess thats why they call it a Tea Salon and Boutique. The name truly does justice.

The waitress “Cristine” was very warm, welcoming and polite. Very  patient with us while going through the menu, and explained in detail the extensive menu of their refined tea selection.  We tried the usual Singapore Breakfast and Dubai Breakfast. I must say the chocolate croissants were to die for, freshly baked and crispy!  reminds me of the Parisian bakery’s with their freshly baked croissants,  french music played in the background…. such a blissful moment.

My sister enjoyed the omelet with the truffle oil,  a very  light and fluffy omelette topped with bacon, was a delight to have and well presented.

We all opted for the Ceylon Nuwerilya tea (Lovers Leap)  a very aromatic and flavorful tea, it went perfectly with our breakfast. The Dubai breakfast consisted of 2 croissants and the Singapore breakfast had a freshly home baked brioche bread slices , omelette with truffle oil and salad on the side.

We were catered with a genuine warm smile. The staff were very courteous and warm.  Overall we had a pleasant and blissful breakfast at TWG.

Definitely a regular place to go to !

2 thoughts on “TWG Tea Salon & Boutique – Dubai Mall

  1. Truly of you Sarah…..”Cristine” was a loving, caring, soft spoken & a very kind girl! You know why i knew it, she was my loving daughter….thank you Sarah for your commendation!

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