Elvis Movie – Review

I remember going through my dad’s old photographs, when he was young he was quite influenced by Elvis Presley, his 50s pompadour hairstyle and the passion for music was something he talked a lot about during my childhood, I used to see him watching the ‘Jail House Rock’ and the ‘I can’t stop falling in love with you’ on video tapes and his 70s collection of cassettes and every time he listened I knew he was reminiscing his past and his good rebellious times, back then if anyone loved Elvis music they were considered rebellious and bad, but one thing my dad always told me was that Elvis revolutionized the music industry and music was never the same, he opened the doors to many creative musicians, he was truly the King of Rock & Roll.

Elvis, the movie directed by Baz Luhrmann goes above and beyond in portraying the legend in the best way possible resurrecting the King onscreen was truly incredible! I was amazed at how good Austin Butler was and how he did justice to portraying Elvis so genuinely and full of heart on the big screen, delivering a star-studded performance.

This movie is a musical biopic, witnessing the magic of Elvis’s music at its best is to watch this on the big screen, you get goosebumps during the musical performance, Elvis was bigger than life, and this magnetic presence is what people loved him for, especially the women! His charisma and his intense presence made the women crazy for him!

Tom Hanks played the most convincing, cunning role of Elvis’s manager Colonel Tom Parker, I’ve never seen Tom Hanks play a villainous character, but the man did he nail this role, it makes you want to hate him, that’s how good he was! An Oscar-worthy performance!

This movie was Baz Luhrman’s tribute to Elvis, the story covers Elvis Presley’s (Austin Butler) rise to fame in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

All I know was that at the end of the movie, I was so moved, and overwhelmed with the Grandoise story of Elvis, and emotional that despite the pain and struggle he went through he kept giving his best to his fans, and this is something we need to remember.

“Elvis” brings all of the glitz, rhinestones, and jumpsuits you’d expect in an Elvis film, his relationship with his family, his part in trying to fight racial injustice, and his music, reminding us that his legacy will go on forever.

PG-13 for substance abuse, strong language, suggestive material, and smoking.

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