Diy project : Coffee Bar Tray

So I’ve been doing some summer cleaning in the kitchen, organizing and tossing things not needed or kept aside for recycling. While cleaning I came across an empty plastic date container which I was about to put for recycling. And then thought it was time for a DIY project! So kept the container aside got all my art supplies and got to work!I was looking around the kitchen and wondering where I could put this to use, and then I realized the coffee bar section needed some funking up.

I love all the chalkboard DIY projects I see on the net, so thought to give a chalkboard effect for this container. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chalkboard paint, nor a chalk. But I still wanted to get the effect, so I thought to paint the whole container black leaving the gold edges for a glam look!

I first cleaned the container and started painting with my watercolor and chose Black and painted all the edges with a wide brush.

Since this is a water color based paint it is best to double or triple coat with paint.

Once you have painted all the edges keep it for drying, 10 mins is enough since watercolor tends to dry quickly (Do keep this in a dry place away from water).

Use a pencil to trace the words you want to write, since I did not have a chalk I used a non-toxic oil pastel crayon in white and wrote on top of it.

You could get fancy and use a stencil to write over. Clean any remaining paintΒ on edges with wet wipes.


Voila, a great way to organize and showcase your coffee bar!

You always feel a great achievement with DIY projects and a great way to reuse and be environmentally friendly!
Thank you for reading!



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