Review – Brush Egg Makeup Tool


Most beauticians and makeup bloggers let just say most women are quite proud of their makeup brush collection, there are all sorts of shapes and brands for makeup brushes. It’s all fun and joy when applying makeup and using your brushes until the time comes to clean them! Which is arguably a very important task of your beauty routine!

There are different ways of washing makeup brushes, and the most common one is washing them with the palms of your hand which obviously was not working well for me, so I tried other options from cleaning gloves to a cleaning pad, but most of these options were expensive and not feasible.

So while looking for a more affordable yet efficient brush cleaner, I came across the Brush egg makeup cleaning tool, though the name sounds funny it was the best online discovery ever!

Not only is the product as cheap as 2.96 AED, you can check it out here it was the most portable, economical and efficient makeup cleaning tool ever! This baby is a game changer, it keeps your brushes free from germs and grime!

Beauty bloggers such as Kathleen Lights raves about it too! This tool is a mini egg-shaped silicone glove that slips onto your middle and index fingers. It’s so tiny and adorable you can even throw it in your handbag!


I tried this product dabbing it with Johnson’s baby shampoo, you can use any brush cleaning liquid you want, some beauty bloggers even suggest using Palmolive as well, but I stick to using the baby shampoo with a tiny dot of Dettol liquid soap gentler for my bristles. Then I swish the brushes along the ridges of the egg and the liquid soaps help remove the bacteria, you can see with every move the nasties that have been building up in the nooks and crannies of the bristles wash off!


Finally, you rinse your brush until the water is clean before laying it flat to dry.

In case you’re wondering how to use the product, check out the video below for a better understanding.

Pros of the product

– Economical
– Portable
– Easy to clean
– Cleans brushes very well
– Easy to use

Cons of the product
– Wish it was a big bigger to accommodate the bigger brushes

I still could manage to clean my big brushes as well, just have to squeeze in the bristles while rubbing the brush.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the brush egg makeup cleaning, it’s efficient and adorable! Comes in many colors as well! :))

This is not a sponsored post. This review is my personal and honest opinion of the product.

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