Black Widow Review

We’ve waited a very long time to find out how Natasha became the Black Widow. While we got to know the male Avengers through their individual origin stories. We first saw the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) tied to a chair while been confronted by powerful men. But we also learn that she was very much in control of her situation. Unlike the other Avengers, she has no special powers from a radioactive spider-bite, fancy equipment, or being born a God. She instead has her wits and courage and a very special set of skills to fight. Through the Avengers films, we saw that she was the heart of the group, kind, empathetic, willing to sacrifice herself out of a sense of integrity and, perhaps, redemption.

From the question over the timing of Black Widow’s release to the film being delayed three times due to the pandemic, the conversation surrounding Black Widow has been a roller coaster.

The plot centers on Natasha’s reunion with her Russian family (all newly introduced characters played by Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour) and their mission to prevent Dreykov (Ray Winstone) from chemically brainwashing and mind-controlling young girls, who he shapes into contract killers. 

Black Widow is filled with epic set pieces taking us from Ohio to Cuba, Morocco to Budapest, and more. Planes are crashed, cars are flipped, the action sequences are Marvel-worthy!

Director Cate Shortland and the cast of actors try their very best to bring a more character-driven, grounded story, which ends up being the film’s greatest strength. She balances the action scenes with touching family moments.

This is a movie about family and central to the relationship between Natasha and her estranged surrogate sister Yelena (Florence Pugh), having a sister of my own I can so relate to their relationship, their funny moments the sarcasm is very relatable

It also seemed the movie’s main intention is to serve as a set-up for the next Black Widow character which is Pugh’s Yelena Bolava – who’ll be taking over the franchise.

We get to see another side of Nat too, suddenly in the presence of her folks, she’s vulnerable, she bickers with her sister, and her mother tells her off for slouching which was heart-warming to see.

Scarlet Johansson as Natasha did justice to her role, she deserves her own story, she was the perfect Black Widow. since the movie was right after the civil war before Thanos was a threat to the Avengers, we all know what Natasha’s fate is. And the end scene confirming this is what made me sad I hope to see Scarlett Johansson again, I hope they can bring her back. For now, we can only keep our fingers crossed and be hopeful…

It also tells you all you need to know about Black Widow and will likely leave you waiting impatiently for the next moments with the family, reminding us again that family may be frustrating, may even be dysfunctional, but those we are born into and those we choose are still where our home is.

Rating 4/5

PG – 13

Family Discussion: (Questions to ask your kids)

Why did Natasha take a different path than other people around her?

What is the Importance of family in our lives?

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