Free Guy Movie Review

I have always been a big fan of comedy movies, especially fan of comedians with the perfect sense of humor and comedic timing. From all the best comedians we have had so far, Ryan Reynolds is the cherry on top by not just being perfect with his comedy he is an all-rounder, from being a good looking hunk with great acting skills this actor can deliver even the most intense and emotional scenes, making him the best actor for our generation! 

Watching all the trailers of ‘Free-Guy’ and seeing Ryan on screen in a different yet interesting role made me wonder how this movie would perform and to be honest, was quite skeptical since it did give me the ‘Pixels’ movie vibe which I wasn’t a big fan of.

But man was I taken by surprise, I love this movie! and now adding this to my favorite rom-com/sci-fi movie list!

Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Guy who is an NPC or non-player character in a game called Free City. In this game the bank Guy works at is robbed at gunpoint each day and he along with a security guard played by Lil Rel Howery put up with it the robbers each day. One day he sees a kick-butt female character named Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) and he starts to ask questions about his world.

Meanwhile, on earth, Joe Keery from Stranger Things plays a man named Keys who works for a video game maker called Antwan played by Taika Waititi. He suspects Antwan of stealing his video game coding but can’t figure out a way to prove it. 

What’s interesting in the movie is how Shawn Levy created 2 worlds of Free Guy, One is from the NPC Game Character ‘Guy’ and the other from the real world we live in, which was shown to us flawlessly creating an aesthetic of each world so that they feel distinct and the viewers will be able to understand the difference from both the worlds.

My favorite part of Free Guy is a surprising one. While I loved the humor (it’s hilarious) the ‘romance’ is what sold me. 

I loved the romance between Guy and Molotov Girl, Ryan plays his character so well, adorable, innocent, and with so much goodness in him that makes you have no choice but to fall in love with his character!

And not to forget the complicated relationship between Keys and Millie, 

I was invested in both relationships and wanted them both to succeed. A dual Love Story!

Though the film might take place in a video game, the film isn’t exclusively for gamers. The movie uses the video game world, the Free City world, and video game culture, as a vehicle to tell a really beautiful and powerfully human story.

Also, so many gasping moments to look forward to!! Comic fans have special moments to cheer for!

This is such a refreshingly good movie, If you are a gamer, a Ryan Reynold, or a rom-com/sci-fi movie fan this is the movie for you! 

I left Free Guy with a big smile on my face! A smile-worthy movie!

Make sure to watch this in cinemas! from August 12th!

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