F-Boxx Women – April Review 2017 💜

F-Boxx Women -

I’ve seen a lot of subscription boxes, mostly beauty, and food, they have good stuff but usually very less in quantity and not worth the expensive price for a monthly basis. Either most of these subscription boxes are not practical or lifestyle related (It’s not always about beauty you see), it’s hard to justify a box that only falls under one category. You would hope that someone comes up with a more generic or lifestyle related box, something practical and well worth your money and useful for your family as well.

And then F-boxx arrives! It’s one of the best subscription boxes in town! Finally, a lifestyle box loaded with great quality and practical stuff fit for anyone!

Just so you have an idea of how good the box is, here’s a little stop motion video to give you a peek through.

Before you go ahead reading the review, get to know a bit about the company and the process.

About F-BOXX

F-Boxx is a young and vibrant monthly subscription box service, providing good quality and branded products for everyone.

How the process works:


This monthly subscription box comes in :

125 AED for 1 month

375 AED for 3 Months

6 month
720 AED for 6 months

1,380 AED for 1 year



This women subscription box from F-boxx comes loaded with practical stuff women actually want, not just for the makeup junkies but for moms and all the busy women out there!


The women box comes in a vibrant purple and yellow color box, as you open you can see all the stuff in there, and you would be amazed to see how they could fit in so much, one look and you know its worth your money!

So let’s take a look inside the box, shall we..


  1. First you will see some leaflets about some of the products and 15% discount voucher from furless (Electrolysis hair removal), yes ladies you heard that right! 15% discount on hair removal by Furless, just mention “DARE”!


  2. (2) herbal facemasks from Soffy Girl, herbal immortelle, and herbal lavender, come with a subtle fragrance, these are not only refreshing during summer, they brighten your skin,  reduce pores, and have a special anti-aging serum to repair fine lines. It has a lot of product infused in it, very hydrating, the mask is made of a thick material which makes the serum easily absorbed into the skin, the only negative aspect of this product is the instructions are not in English but in Taiwanese.


  3. Elfin bath gloves, Slough away dead skin cells whilst giving your skin an invigorating cleanse. Use these bath gloves with a body wash to work up a rich lather. A little body wash goes a long way.


  4. Leivy Naturally – Body Shampoo, my favorite! this product made with purified goat milk is enriching and moisturizing, this body shampoo has all the elements to transport you to a boudoir powder room, the fragrance is calming, especially after a hard day at work or a workout, this should be used as a shower ritual, this body shampoo is soothing and mellow, does not have a drying effect and keeps your skin smooth and supple like a baby!


  5. The Leivy natural hand cream, similar to the body shampoo is made with purified goat milk is enriching and moisturizing, not too thick like other hand creams and has a perfect consistency, not leaving a filmy layer on the skin.
  6. The Uriage cleansing gel, is a little sample a great way to test new products is by providing samples of brands, this little tube has enough for a week. A gentle cleansing gel, which is soap-free which is meant for Oily and acne-prone skin, easy to rinse with a pleasant fragrant. This gel cleans, purifies and regulates your natural sebum leaving a soothing effect on your skin. I’d definitely recommend this product for acne and oily prone skin.


  7. Uriage Cleansing Cream (sample) is another cleansing gel which is cream based and meant for sensitive skin, this is a nourishing cleansing cream having glycerin in it, meant to keep your skin soft and prevents it from drying.
  8. Uriage Roseliane an anti-redness cream, A rich and non-greasy cream, protects the skin and limiting aggravating factors. When applying on the skin on the red areas, this cream perfectly moisturizes and soothes the skin.
  9. This gorgeous tumbler from “Happy Jackson” really brightens my day! Look at it so gorgeous and PINK!! A coffee addict and an Instagrammer, this is just the right stuff to funk up my morning pictures and flatlays! Great product, I’m actually sipping on some coffee with this, while reviewing.20170429_171039_resized
  10. (1) Beauty collagen drink, The Beauty collagen drink is such a hot product these days, there’s a lot of hype on the internet as well, since I wasn’t sure what a collagen drink did, I googled and researched, The collagen drink craze started, as many beauty trends often do, in Asia, where brands like Shiseido and Amore Pacific have been selling collagen powders, drinks, and supplements for years. Apparently, the collagen drink minimizes signs of aging, maintains your skin moisture and supports your skin elasticity, for more details about collagen read this article on Allure

    Note – For those of you with health concerns, or in medication please consult your Doctor before taking any of these drinks.

  11. (1) Misslyn perfect match eyeshadow, this is a funky shade of color for this summer, Blue eye makeup such as eye shadows and liners are in trend on the fashion runway as well, I earlier had done a post on types of blue shadows you can view here Blue Runway Eye makeup. The quality of this eyeshadow was good, the pigmentation was great, love the different shades of blue, the lighter shade goes on your brow bone and eyelid, medium blue goes on your eyelid and the dark blue on your corner and crease.20170430_120059

  12. (1) Elfin Tweezer, a good quality tweezer, now this is a must for every woman, we all need a good tweezer for emergencies!
  13. (3) Cielo cotton, one pack of cotton balls and one cotton pleats, and cotton buds these are ideal for makeup removals, applying toners and for other beauty necessities.


  14. Last but not least the F-Boxx Extra! this is a little surprise box kept inside your subscription box (They just know how to add an element of surprise for their subscribers!), as I opened it.

It was a cute little egg shaped lip balm from Misslyn, looks just like an EOS lip balm, it’s called “Candy Lip balm” very moisturizing for the lips and adorable looking!

Ok people, this is the longest review post I’ve done, it’s just that there’s so much in this box and you need to see its worth, I’m so impressed with the quality lifestyle brands they included in this box, it’s surprising to see so many products in a box, this should prove its worth! And as I said this is a practical lifestyle box,  If you ever want to subscribe to a subscription box, F-boxx is the box you should go for!!

This is not a sponsored post, the box is given to me for my honest opionon and views, all the feedback mentioned here are of my own.

Any medications or tonics thst need to be taken orally should be checked by your Doctor first if you have any prior medical conditions.







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  1. Amazingly written and presented with details 👍🏼 With individual items descriptions this makes us aware of all those products received in this box 📦 love it thanks

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