70s Styling Tips – The Body Positive Way

I couldn’t help but notice how the fashion from the movie “The Kitchen” was perfectly capturing the true fashion scene from the 70s! I mean it was flawless, from their voluminous hair curls to their dark, earthy-toned outfits, hippy prints, makeup, shoes you name it everything was perfectly captured by the costume designer “Sarah Edwards” who also notably dressed another set of industrious women such as the “Ocean’s 8.”


Anyone whoโ€™s paid attention to the catwalk these past few seasons will know that the 70s have inspired designers such as Victoria Beckham, Chloe, Stella McCartney amongst others for a while now. That decade was quite simply bold and overstated at its best.

The 70s individual style, flares, platforms, fringing, and suede dominated the era with icons such as Joni Mitchell, Cher, Bianca Jagger and more making huge waves in the style world.

70’s Styling Tips – The Body Positive Way



They look awesome with both a fitted top. You can wear with a fitted v neck tee or dress shirt and high heel sandals or flat pumps. If your conscious about your arms and tummy you can wear a denim jacket on top, besides the 70s was all about Denim!




There are various interpretations of the 70s platform shoe style. The original platform shoes are horrible but you can find sleeker versions today.

Have in mind that if your ankles and legs are thin, too wide platform sandals can look off and make them look like sticks. Work with your body scale.



These were inspired by the hippie era of the late 60s. Paisley and all kinds of exotic looking floral patterns were seen on dresses.

If your a boho gal and love everything Boho, this is definitely the look that would suit you, With long sleeves, floral motifs and applique’s give the dress a sense of carefree femininity. Also, let’s not forget the comfort wearing this breathable cotton dress!

Always opt for a high waisted dress towards your chest would be good, this would add more flow to your dress and helps conceal your tummy.


The Jersey Tshirt and jeans were the perfect casual outfit where most teenagers and adult wore during the ’70s, it was the comfort, laid back kinda outfit almost everyone owned.

Go fo a baggy T-shirt not too big and not too tight, this with your dark wide-leg jeans with either your sneakers or platform shoes/sandals would do.


The influence of the hippies took inspiration from every part of the Indian subcontinent and Africa and brought the casual kaftans and kimonos into the fashion scene.

Today it’s considered a fashion blessing because they disguise flabby arms and stomach while maintaining a fashionable look.

You could either wear a Kaftan Dress for Summer with embroidery or opt for a Kaftan top that you could wear with wide-legged jeans.

Its always great to take inspiration from the Classics, And going retro at times gives a very nostalgic feeling, a feeling to wear something that was trending during your parent’s youth and how they would’ve felt wearing this!


Let me know what are your Retro fashion tips, was there anything, in particular, you loved about the 70s Fashion? Let me know, comment below.

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