The Kitchen – Movie Review


The Kitchen is based on a 1970s-set DC Vertigo comics series that follows a group of women who take over the Irish crime family in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan while their husbands are in prison, this is a dark, violent and surprisingly gory.

At first when I watched the trailer of the movie I must say I was quite excited seeing my favorite Melissa McCarthy play a mobster role! I mean seeing all these housewives turn into mobsters was definitely intriguing!

Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss, and Tiffany Haddish star as three Irish mob wives who are left penniless and desperate when their criminal husbands are sent to prison. To survive the grittiness of 1970’s Hell’s Kitchen, they pick up where their spouses left off, and find they’re even more skilled at the fine art of organized crime. Utilizing their traditionally feminine inclination for strategic communication and manipulation, the trio savors their rise. Then their husbands are released. Once the formerly helpless taste the power, how do they return to being normal housewives and packing the kids’ school lunches?

An intriguing plot that had something missing and weak execution of the story, the immense talent of the three leads try their best to hold the movie together, but unfortunately, the storyline did not have enough meat to it or let’s say enough convincing for the characters in their roles.

It is, however, a welcome improvement over trying to portray beautiful or sultry mobstresses and is instead more authentic and character-driven.

The interesting part was the intersection of race and womanhood (demonstrated by the trials Haddish’s character endures after marrying into a white mob family), as well as the societal issues that prevented women of the time period from achieving true independence. It’s enjoyable overall, if, instead of picking apart the cringe-worthy dialogue and violence, especially in scenes of carving and chopping bodies before disposing of, for me, was a bit too much to take.

I would give the movie a 3/5 star rating.

Parents, Please note 

This movie is an R rated movie and definitely not suitable for kids to watch


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