Sporty Hoodie Dress

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The weather seems to be very unpredictable lately, last month we had surprise rain showers and now though it seems to be getting hot during day times, at night it seems to be pleasant enough to wear a jacket if I wanted to, which is usually not the case before.

If you’ve lived in Dubai, you know that this is the time when the weather hits its peak and we transition to an all cotton wardrobe! My go-to summer casuals are usually a simple t-shirt and jeans, but this time I decided to try something sporty which would be ideal for my movie nights, where I always tend to carry a cardigan or a light shawl with me since I’m always feeling chilly during a movie.

For some reasons, the cinemas get very cold indoors, and the moment you step out you feel warmer. This fluctuating body temperature annoys me, especially when I have to carry a cardigan or a shawl just for the movies!

To sort this issue out I thought to try out Shein’s hoodie dress which seemed perfect! since I’ve always loved a good hoodie, and this made the perfect, modest sporty outfit! you can funk it up with some bulky white sneakers to give it a street style vibe!

The material is comfy, not woolen which makes it perfect to wear for summer as well!

You can now get this striped split hoodie dress!

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