Blogger Morning’s with Bvlgari Eyewear

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Most of my friends, family, and followers wonder how my mornings are like? Or what I consider a good blogger morning? Well, nothing beats a cuppa with my planner and laptop to start my day! But at times more than just blogging from home which is always my comfort zone blogging from a different location gives me a different perspective with a blogging topic or the way I see things, the way I plan my campaigns, projects, themes, and shoots.


Now though almost all bloggers I know use contact lenses as a matter of convenience, and I must confess during my early 20’s I considered them a much better option than wearing spectacles, since in most Asian communities, geeky glasses were considered a fashion faux pas for women, or might I say you’d be considered too geeky to be cool!

Fortunate enough as times have passed, and I’ve much more matured with my thought process, the idea of wearing spectacles seemed much more refined, intellectual-looking and above all very classy!

From popular celebs, not just the ’40s and above but even teenagers opting for cool looking and classy spectacles depending on their choice of style. For me during my blogger days, I knew spectacles gave me more freedom with my work, I didn’t have to go through the torture of sticking a contact lens on my eye every morning was a big relief!.

In recent times as I’ve developed and grown to a fashion blogger, my sense of refinement grew as well, I started to believe or quality over quantity and how we all deserve the best when possible.


I opted for Bvlgari spectacles, a recent treat for me after winning the Best Fashion Blogger 2019 by the World Fashion Festival, the Bvlgari Black 4155 B design, these spectacles is the ultimate luxury in eyewear, the prescription glasses feature quality, design, and attention to detail which showcasing high-end fashion sense.

Why I chose this style?
The spectacles were just the perfect match for me, since I have a round face, I had done a lot of prior research on what frame would be more suitable for my face, and it seemed that the cat-eye/butterfly was the right match which would help elongate my face and give a more slimming look!. These spectacles did just that for me!

It was a perfect match for me as a fashion blogger, which was not just a statement piece but represented me well. These Bvlgari frames feature precious materials such as gold, gemstones, and Austrian crystals, carefully crafted in timeless designs, I opted for Black which is always a great choice for a frame, and still the most popular color by far! perfect to suit all looks, this particular cat eye frame has a shape that is a browline style! which is perfectly swept at the temple edges.

About Bvlgari

Like its iconic timepieces, the eyewear epitomized Bvlgari’s ability to perfectly combine classic and modern designs. Every Bvlgari creation is inspired by the spirit of excellence. Meticulous attention to detail and quality is a part of each product, ensuring you get nothing but the best quality and styles time and again.

About Al Jaber Opticals

Al Jaber Optical the leading optical and eyewear company in the UAE was founded in 1982 by Al Jaber Group. The company presently operates over 35 shops and still planning to expand in the immediate future, within the prominent shopping malls, bustling prime high streets and key commercial district across the UAE.

Al Jaber Optical offers a comprehensive range of eyewear and optical services across the board, through a wide range of modern optical products and facilities. This includes the sale of high-quality vision-care products, fashionable eyewear, and optical frames, prescriptive and stylish contact lenses, optical accessories as well as providing unmatched services such as specialized eye testing and vision prescriptions via a team of specialized Optometrists and state-of-the-art laboratories.

It’s important to focus on maintaining the health of our most prized possession, our vision. Ensuring we use the correct eyewear and above all guaranteed quality for our vision is important! And I can assure you Al Jaber Optical is one of my most trusted optical brand from my teens to my adulthood.


Al Jaber Optical has not just been associated with high-quality products, but also with its all-inclusive eye examination service. Their quality and exemplary service are achieved through constant updating of instruments to keep up with the latest technology and employing only optometrists with accredited international experience.

If you are looking for quality eyewear options or luxury brands, I suggest you check out their stores! their Deira City Centre store has a lot of brand options including awesome RAY BAN as well!

For more details on Al Jaber Opticals click here


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