DIY Project: Mobile Stand

Since I’m in a crafty mood today, I decided to come up with a new DIY project for a mobile holder for my desk, I tend to dump my mobile around and keep shifting it if I have my notebooks or need to write something. So I decided its about time to get my mobile a place of its own. I know there are a lot of funky and cute mobile holders out there to buy, but I just love creating my own stuff, with just a few supplies and mainly your toilet paper rolls this would make an ideal recycle project!

This stand is cute and customizable, you could decorate it any way you want or even match your desk or home office theme! Also cute for teens and would also make a great personal DIY gift.

What you will be needing for this project:

  • Washi tape
  • 1 toilet roll
  • 4 push pins
  • Cutter
  • Scissor


Place your mobile over the paper roll and with a marker trace around the mobile, this will be the insertion for your mobile

Once the mark is done, Start wrapping the roll with the washi tape

When you are done taping the washi tape around the roll, you will notice the line you traced, now use a cutter and cut the shape of the insertion, cut the roll and fold the edges.


Insert the push pins and place your mobile phone to check for balance.


Voila! Your very own Mobile holder!


Thank you for reading!



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