Olay Sheet Masks – Skinfusion & Micro-sculpting

I’ve been taking a little break from social media for a few days, I was overwhelmed with all the stress I was going through and figured it was time to take a break and unplug myself from social media for a few days, and what a great decision that was, though I wish I had done a longer break as an influencer and blogger committed to brands and ensuring my work is done on time, the 5-day break was just right.

The reason we all must consider taking breaks from our social media is to have control of our life. The main reasons I decided to take the break was because:

  • I was tired of not putting down my phone.
  • I was getting creative drained and tired of “creating content” all the time.
  • I was becoming moody and tired.
  • I was neglecting selfcare

And most importantly

I wanted to regain my free time AND my mental health.

Once I decided to take the break it was an exciting feeling to take care of myself, I felt I deserved some good self-care and realized I had these new facial sheet masks from Olay which I haven’t tried yet, and was quite excited to try them out!

I’ve always been a big fan of Korean skincare, the amount of hype that Korean skincare products are getting with amazing results, so I was pretty excited to see my favorite skincare brand Olay come up with a Korean face sheet mask.

The first sheet mask I tried out was the Korean Yuzu Sheet mask from their skinfusion mask collection.

Product Claims:

The sheet mask is rich in vitamin C, minerals & antioxidants that instantly brighten & hydrate dull skin, improving skin tone and restoring a healthy glow. 

  • Korean Yuzu, which is known to be rich in vitamin C, minerals, and anti-oxidants.
  • With Olay’s signature Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • Ultra Soft Sheet infused with Korean Yuzu.

My Verdict:

The moment I took the mask out I loved the fragrance, after leaving the mask on for 20 mins I could feel the Korean Yuzu goodness been soaked onto my skin, and once done massaged the remaining serum onto my skin.

What I instantly noticed was how bright my skin looked, radiant and glowing, this was a great quick fix to my very tired and dull skin. Since most of the days I’m in front of a laptop and mobile, did you know that these screens emit a blue light that is very damaging to our skin, this helped my skin gain some much-needed vitamins and minerals to regain its glow.

The following days I tried the following masks:

Olay – Jeju Lava Sea Water Sheet Mask 

Product Claims

an ultra-soft 2-in-1 mask that instantly hydrates skin for up to 8 hours, enriched with the mineral benefits of Jeju Lava Sea Water which strengthens skin’s barrier, combined with Olay’s signature Niacinamide to effectively nourish the skin.

  • Jeju Lava Seawater, which is an ingredient known to contain rare minerals
  • With Olay’s Signature Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • Ultra Soft Sheet that feels weightless on skin.

My Verdict

The mask was soft and more of a hydrating specialized sheet mask, the mask is ideal for dry skin and the moisture does last for up to 8 hours which is amazing! I didn’t have to put on a moisturizer for my skin, the sheet mask did its job and kept my skin hydrated!

Olay – Micro-Sculpting Sheet Mask 

Product Claims

Olay’s Best-selling Regenerist is now available in MASK form! An ultra-soft mask, with a tension-fit design infused with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for firmer, plumper & younger-looking skin.

My Verdict

My current moisturizer is the Olay Regenerist ultra-rich moisturizer which I’m obsessed with, and to know that they now have a face sheet mask was exciting and the sheet mask contains 1/3rd amount of actives in an Olay Regenerist jar!

Now I’m all rave on the moisturizer, and the same goes for the mask, it instantly smoothes your lines and wrinkles, My trouble spots are my smile lines and this helped to lessen and fade the line.

Overall these sheet masks are the best! I recommend these sheet masks as part of your self-care routine, your skin deserves all the pampering! and I’m really glad I took a few days off social media it made me discover all the hidden gems I had which I didn’t have time to even try.

I’m all fresh in mind, and skin and all energized to take over the day.

I Will be taking these breaks often when needed, ‘Me’ time should be a priority.

Thank you, Olay for these amazing sheet masks that made my break even better!

5/5 rating – Well done Olay, as always the best brand for skincare!

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