Review: Kylie KY eyeshadow


Kylie Jenner is gradually  building a makeup empire of her own, been the youngest Jenner/Kardashian clan, she made her own mark by using her entrepreneurial skills and building her own makeup franchise.

Her choice of colors for her lip kits and eyeshadows cater to all, and that’s the best part about the product. Recently I got myself a Kylie Jenner eyeshadow palette and I must say I’m really loving it. I just love the choice of colors and how the shades can be used together and compliment each other very well.

Her recent release of KY shadow are a choice of mostly bronze and shades of browns, these are mostly Kylies signature shades, KY Shadow is a pressed eyeshadow powder that comes in 9 colours such as:

KYShade – Description
Jasper – Creamy Beige
Quartz – Champagne Gold
Topaz – Taupe
Goldstone – Bronze
Citrine – Bright Orange
Tiger Eye – Light, Golden Brown
Hematite – Chestnut Brown
Bronze – Chocolate Brown
Onyx – Black

The benefits of this eyeshadow are that it offers users a good coverage and the colors have good pigmentation, the colour selection is the best part of this palette as mentioned earlier this is suitable for every skin tone, and you can get creative in ways of using this shadow.
Check out this website on 3 ways of using this palette:

Kshadow is a very good quality product not with just the texture but in ensuring to omit harmful chemicals that can harm the eyes such as talc and parabens, so not just good quality but a product safe to use!


Thank you for reading!


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