Birthday Post – Life Lessons

Each day we make a choice, A choice to opt in or even out.
For me this year was about opting in…chasing passions and letting go of negativity. That’s the beauty of birthdays, you get to look back on where you came from and also get to push the reset button and then move forward.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I can say that my life gets better every day, life is good. I think it’s so interesting that I feel more confident and strong today than I was younger and what’s most interesting is that I’m the same person now as I was then. I’ve learned my way through life’s challenges and made the right choices, learning from my mistakes and taking them with a positive stride.

My birthday has always been an event at home, I’ve been lucky and blessed to have a loving and caring family who has always made my day special and always reminded me how much I am loved and cherished. #grateful

There were a couple of challenges this year, where I had fallen ill and was unable to proceed with a couple of campaigns, had some family emergencies, and found it very hard to get back on track, there were days I had to pull myself together which took a toll on my mental health and the only way I could get through was by prayers and meditation.

One of the biggest lessons from this whole year is how I have learned to surrender my plans to the Almighty, on a much deeper level.

I had to practice accepting the circumstances I could not change, choose to leave space for the unknown and to trust that the Divine perspective always knows best.

On the plus side, many good things also took place this year, I would say for where I am in my life, personally and professionally, I am exactly where I would want to be and have exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to achieve.

2022 Highlights

The major highlight this year was becoming an Ambassador for the Middle East Comicon, where I got to be a part of the Region’s Largest Pop Culture Festival!

VIP at the Disney Magical show at Expo2020 was such an epic moment of my life, where I got to meet and take pics with Mickey and Minnie! Celebrating 30 years of Disney Paris! is a check on my bucket list!

Got featured in the news for the ‘Dubai Can’ Initiative campaign to encourage communities across the city to make conscious changes to their daily habits to protect the environment through different sustainability initiatives.

Was VIP to some great fashion shows such as the ‘Grand Fashion Week’ Arab Fashion Week’ and more.

Featured for Elvis Presley’s Movie dance move, who knew my moves would be a highlight in a news channel?

Collaborated with some epic movies such as Jurassic Park, Top Gun, Wakanda Forever, Avatar, and much more!

Was part of the Loreal Future Summit and got to be a part of Loreal’s summit talks on the effects of Global Warming and Loreal’s efforts in setting an eco-standard for the beauty industry

Here are 5 life lessons I’ve learned this year and would like to share with you.

Slow down and take a breath.

Life only keeps moving faster, and you have to keep moving faster to avoid falling behind. If you’re not careful, you’ll live your entire life rushing from one thing to the next in a constant whirlwind of chaos. When you get that busy, you miss out on the best parts of life.

Tap into your childhood passion

By pursuing and practicing your passions, even on the smallest scale, you allow yourself to go deeper into something new. You awaken your senses, stimulate your brain, and make yourself happier. It’s true: passionate people are happy people, and people like to be around happy people.

Have an excellent work ethic

Whether it is your business or working for the corporate world, having a good work ethic means you commit yourself to do the best job possible at all times. It can mean you possess dedication, and responsibility, and gives you a purpose with a positive attitude.

Document your life

In today’s digital world, people are already unknowingly documenting their lives via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. It is becoming increasingly easier to make a mark on the lives and things around you and to be remembered. Taking note of both your life’s biggest moments and their everyday details is not only important in terms of long-term documentation, but also for you to appreciate them more.

Share the love on your social accounts

Post as much as you want, and don’t care about people who unfollow or don’t engage or any of this stupid stuff that you think matters on social media. Just live your life and do what you want and the right people with great hearts will cheer you on. Let everyone who wants to leave, leave! You’re fabulous!

I couldn’t have gotten this far without the support, loyalty, and friendship of all my readers and followers. I’ve said it before but it’s the relationships I’ve made along the way – both offline and online – that have made it all worthwhile and so enjoyable. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Hope you all have a great start in life and hope 2023 brings you all happiness, positivity, Good Health, and success!

Happy New Year lovelies!

Comment below if you like my post and share with us, a life experience you learned through life.

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