What I wore: World Fashion Festival Awards

If you’ve read my previous article, you’d know all about the World Fashion Festival Awards.

a highly prestigious and diverse fashion event in Dubai, which I was lucky to be selected as one of their Juries.

When the dates were set, and the WFFA team had contacted me mentioning I was selected as their Jury, my heart skipped a beat, for this was truly a dream come true for me and one of my life goals! Being a blogger for more than 7 years now, a true stepping stone to my blogging/Influencing career was when I had won their Best Fashion Blogger from season 1, which meant I was their first-ever blogger to win this title. A true honor and something I will cherish for the rest of my life!

So, now you can only imagine the stress level I had upon hearing the great news of getting selected as their jury! I was ecstatic and also panicking thinking what the hell am I going to wear for such a prestigious event because ofcourse the Jury would be the center of media attention at the event.

So my quest for the right fashion designer began, from browsing through many designer profiles I knew for sure that the opening day would be my dear friend and a truly talented fashion designer Lina Mane, now Lina is an Emirati, local based fashion designer who is quite known in the Bollywood industry from dressing renowned celebrities such as Kareen Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Raima Sen and many more!

Once I contacted Lina and mentioned to her about me being the jury, she wholeheartedly took upon the task of designing the perfect couture outfit custom-made for me.

Lina, knowing my personality very well decided to focus on my main requirements, Modesty, Comfort and Glam
during our designing meetings, she discussed how she would like the outercoat to be glam and the inner dress to be simple, she chose an English floral print, brocade fabric with hints of gold that gave all the necessary glam required for the chiffon off white, flowy dress inside.

DAY 1 – Lmane Designs

As you can see, I was obsessed with the outfit! Lina nailed it with the outfit, giving it the right balance of glam, modesty, and comfort.

Day 2 – SHEIN

When planning my outfits for the event, I was offered by many designers to collaborate. During the announcement of my Jury for the World Fashion Festival Awards, Shein had expressed their interest to collaborate requesting if I could feature one of their dresses for the event.

To pay homage to my favorite brand I decided to choose to feature my Shein outfit to show that even for a grand event you can still choose to wear an affordable dress and still look glam! This is what Shein believes in, to give you an outfit for every occasion without breaking your bank!

Shein and I chose this minimal, simple yet super comfy black velvet dress with just the right amount of shimmer on the sleeves.

The black velvet mermaid hem dress


ID – 3397094

This was one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve worn for an event, the velvet was stretchy and the fabric just smoothly toned and syncs with your body giving a very slimming look. I’d recommend this dress for any special occasion! Perfect for curves!

Day 3 – Thaseen

This was the final day, so I went all out with a royal look! Thaseen gave me the old Hollywood glam that made all heads turn during the event! I literally had my ‘Cinderalla’ moment, and I’m so grateful for Thuraya the Emirati Designer creating this custom made couture gown, a modest, luxurious gown, during our meetings, the designer suggested I go for an emerald green, which she considered complimented my skin tone well, and man was she right! I don’t usually wear this color, but for some reason, I felt this was just the color for me!

The night was filled with compliments pouring in and made my night very special during the recognition speech, this was the dress that had all the attention needed!

I’m grateful to Thuraya for believing in me and my work and choosing me to wear her most exquisite gown.

As you can see, I definitely had my fairytale moment with this breathtaking gown! Let me know which of these dresses you liked?

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