Styling with Pop-Culture Influence

Being unique and creative with your fashion wardrobe is a must for individual style, as this will emphasize your personality and make you feel more comfortable with yourself.

Each one of us is unique, with different features where certain colors, styles, and even fabrics will favor. You do not need a stylist, runway shows, fashion magazines, or the various fashion weeks to set perfect trends for you. Just being a little creative with clothing will provide you with a tasteful wardrobe, and will give you tonnes of confidence knowing you created these personal styles.

While styling modest or curve fashion it’s always a good idea to add a touch of creativity and fun when styling your outfits.

For instance, #popculture is a great idea to influence your styling, and the key element that transforms your look is your accessories and shoes.

Because I love styling outfits to get my vision to reality Shein Curve has been my gallery of outfits to choose and style from. They have an outfit/accessory for every occasion possible! Giving me more #bodypositive options to choose from.

Popculture Influence – Madonna

This particular look I styled kept Madonna’s 80s/90s look as an inspiration. The net beret and net Gloves gave my outfit a true Madonna vibe which worked well and received a lot of compliments for my look and the way I styled my outfit.

List of products for this look:

Lapel Neck Double Breasted Overcoat
Search ID – 5559332

Contrast Lace Gloves
Search ID -1139904

Net Decor Beret
Search ID – 3377152

Metal Detail Stiletto Heeled Boots
Search ID – 3410640

Tassel Charm Drop Earrings
Search ID – 2426510

Pop-culture Influence – Michael Jackson

For this look, I used MJ as my style inspiration for giving my outfit a personality with a touch of fun, trying to incorporate the iconic red military jacket and searching for something almost similar, pairing it with two-toned laced oxfords and the leather gloves gave it the iconic MJ look!

Button-Front Flap Detail Overcoat
Search ID – 5213797

Two-Tone Scallop Detail Lace-up Front Oxfords
Search ID – 4463741

PU Leather Gloves
Search ID – 3060857

So as you see using the reference of pop-culture such as film, music, television and video games or sports
we can truly find inspiration for our styling all around us!

Stay Inspired, Stay Fashionable!

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