Blazers In Style

I’ve always loved a good blazer, ideal for many occasions whether it’s for corporate use, smart casuals, or glam events. Blazers instantly sophisticate your look and your outfit.

With an infinite ability to dress up or dress down an outfit, this clothing essential is often overlooked and dismissed as more of a functional piece rather than having a personality all of its own, it’s time to give blazers a chance to be in the limelight.

Here are my favorites from Shein, offering a variety of collections for curved and plus-sized women.

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The Dull Gold Blazer

This Blazer gives a very glamorous look, here you can see me wear a black top and black satin pants, just to emphasize the blazer. The color between a deep yellow and dull gold is stunning and bound to make heads turn! Click Here

The Leopard Print Blazer

Leopard prints can easily be incorporated into your everyday look by adding neutral pieces like a black or brown top, white tee with neutral or black shoes.

I’ve always loved blazers for a classy, smart casual, and modest look. This blazer fits perfectly and I loved the black satin wrist fold which gave it an edge. Click Here

The Polka Dot Blazer

Polka dots are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially a vintage-oversized blazer! The oversized blazers are highly trending in the fashion scene, rather than having a plain blazer, polka dots give your blazers a fun and stylish look. Click Here

I hope these Blazers inspire you to style your next outfit Chic , Glam and Modest!

Happy Styling!

One thought on “Blazers In Style

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