Disney – Cruella Review

As a Disney fanatic, especially the classic Disney animations, 101 Dalmatian was one of my absolute favorites, and out of all the Disney villains, Cruella to me was quite eccentric. She was a crazy vamp with a good sense of fashion!

But I always wondered what drove Cruella so crazy to want to kill little Dalmatians and use their fur for a coat! that to me was unbelievable. This always had me curious about her personality and her wild behavior.

I was so excited to hear the movie ‘Cruella’ coming and Emma Stone was to star in it, this to me was a perfect choice! When the movie premiere was in Dubai and I had the honor to witness Cruella on the big screen, my whole opinion about Cruella took a wild turn!

The movie dives deep into Cruella’s beginning, as Estella, a young orphan girl with a genetic quirk of black-and-white hair. She grows up in glam-rock London of the mid-1970s, Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser), takes her in when she was homeless and schooled her in the ways of thievery.

Emma Thompson gives it everything’s she’s got as an imperious fashion designer called the Baroness. Young Estella idolizes this aristocrat of couture because she wants to be a fashionista just like her. With a little help from Jasper and Horace, Estella nabs an apprenticeship with her dream mentor.

Because of a past incident with her mother and the Baroness, Estella is consumed with a need to destroy the Baroness and reinvents herself as a punk-creative fashion brand-named “Cruella”.

The movie makes you sympathize and understand her personality better. The series of unfortunate events and her revenge for the baroness creating the wild and rebellious ‘Cruella’ all adds up together.

This movie to me is Emma Stone’s best performance. Though there are 2 queens in this movie, Stone & Thompson did justice to their roles. I was truly mesmerized and in awe, at the creative and fantastic fashion moments, Cruella displays to outshine the Baroness, this to me is Art at its best making a remarkable and truly entertaining entrance!

The 70s music only added more life to the movie! Especially the Baroness arriving at the music of “The Doors” by Five to One and Estella drunk at the store humming to “These boots were made for walkin” By Nancy Sinatra was the perfect choice for the scene.

Director Craig Gillespie uses music to pull the audience into each scene making the scene even more enjoyable! His storytelling and use of the main characters were perfect, bringing out the best from both the stars and giving them equal grandeur makes this movie worth watching!

The movie has a very Devil Wears Prada cum Harley Quinn vibe with some unpredictable and shocking moments which will make you even more drawn into the story.

Cruella could be the biggest surprise of the summer. Bold, dark, & Rebellious! Emma Stone is perfection as Cruella”.

PG – 13

Parents Note – (Dark Concept, Revenge and Thievery)

My Rating 9/10 ****

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