Fall Fashion – Embroidered Bomber Jacket.

A bomber jacket is a wardrobe staple for me. To be honest I have more than 5 bomber jackets and you will be seeing me wearing them almost everywhere and whenever suitable. I love wearing them for casual dinners, movie nights and shopping!

Bomber jackets are glamorous, comfortable, modest and somewhat gives a sporty edginess vibe to an outfit. They’re comfortable, convenient for carrying around as an extra layer and can be paired with just about anything – from a silky dress and heels to jeans and sneakers. Personally, my bomber jacket is my go-to, owing to the fact that it’s versatile enough to take me from the day, to night, to the weekend.

If you’re into retro-inspired fashion, The bomber jacket is a must-have! it has made its comeback with all the right amounts of streetwear cool and is working for women of all ages. You’ll be surprised at just how many outfits it can complement, particularly through this time between seasons because it’s perfect for layering if needed. From leather through to embroidered silk, the bomber is embracing a full range of fabric types, so there is likely to be on that suits your overall personal style.

Most of the bomber jackets I get are from Shein, they have a great collection of versatile and unique bomber jackets to choose from, from silk, florals, sporty, and embroidered!

For instance, this embroidered bomber jacket is my new favorite! This is a heavily embroidered Mesh Bomber jacket with a feminine touch!

it adds such class and glamour to a plain black t-shirt and skinny jeans. Its the perfect and lazy way to amp up any outfit!

Check this bomber jacket out by clicking here
(extra 15% off)

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