A Happiness Centre, and the pursuit of happiness. πŸ’–


What does happiness mean to you? Most of us probably feel we don’t need an actual definition for happiness, we know it when we sense it, a term usually describing a range of positive emotions such as joy, pride, gratitude. In other words, comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

The pursuit of happiness can vary to different people, age groups, race, for instance for a kid it could be getting that toy they always wanted as a surprise gift, for a woman to get married, give birth, for a man to land his first dream job, but it all comes down to one thing, the feeling of contentment and gratification.

The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

George Washington Burnap

I get invited to a lot of events, events hosted by different brands and agencies. I’ve been very choosy and selective when deciding to attend any of these events, don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to boast here, but I prefer attending or promoting events and brands that I believe in, or products that have actually worked for me or ones I’ve done ample of research on.  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers attending events and promoting brands just for the exposure, but I guess that’s just not me. Most of these events are always based on Beauty, Fashion, Kids or Food.

There was one particular invite I received which caught my attention, an invitation to a “Happiness Centre” an event of a journey of self-discovery, where we get a day to connect with the Happiness within. Where they create a unique environment to allow us to relax our mind, connect with our Body and let our soul express.


Now this made me think, hmm.. Interesting. I must try this out! I mean who doesn’t want to search for happiness?? We all do!

Though it’s Ramadan, and I’m fasting I wasn’t sure what sort of activities the center would have, so I emailed the agency back and confirmed if the activities were physically demanding? She confirmed to me that this was going to be a light exercise and their aware of Ramadan and some of us fasting so they will be keeping it light, I was happy and confirmed my attendance.

Quaintly located near Business Bay in Metropolis Building, on the 14th floor, I made my way into a corridor and was guided to a room where I saw a bright room with a white comfortable couch and met Rajeev who happens to be the chief happiness officer! Glowing with positivity, he briefed me about the centre and its zen activities along with Maria who was a Happiness Officer, both of them smiling and happy go lucky made me feel at ease as each one of the attendees were entering, they were asked to be seated with us, We were all gathered up in a bonfire mode for bonding and familiarization. We felt instantly like a little family who was gathered to be just “happy”.


We were then guided to enter the opposite room where the sessions would take place and be greeted by Rasha the Happiness Officer, a bright and positive individual who made us feel very comfortable throughout the session.

I remember entering into a room with these people who were strangers to me, we were seated on ethnic comfortable cushions, and then the even kick started with a brief introduction from each, and what is their pursuit of happiness, this was an icebreaker for all of us, hearing each individual purpose was heart warming, and bringing down their guard we all opened up and bonded.


Talk Session – Introduction


There was some meditative music on, we were asked to close our eyes and relax, along with some breathing techniques she guided us through, this was extremely calming and rejuvenating experience.

Followed by sound activities and the chakra dance, which was an interesting experience, don’t worry it’s not the dancing your thinking, it’s actually gentle movements of your body guided with the meditative beats, we were guided by our chakra points, and asked to love ourselves and connect to our inner soul, a very exhilarating and energetic experience, which you all must experience.

The team was very supportive of me and kept on checking if I was ok as I was fasting, which made me feel very comfortable. For our last activity, they had given us a sheet of white paper and with a mandala circle drawn in the center and were given color pencils.

We were then asked to close our eyes, connect with our soul and then draw whatever comes to mind after the chakra dance into the mandala since I remember feeling love through the session, this was what I drew.

A glowing rose (Please excuse my childish drawing) 😊


When It was my turn to explain my drawing, I explained to them that since Love was what I felt, I drew a rose as a symbol of love, and that was me connecting to the universe with love. This was well appreciated by everyone and you felt a sense of joy seeing how everyone was so supportive.

Right after the session I had to leave early due to Ramadan, had to make sure I head home to prepare iftar, Rajeev walked with me and spoke about the center and its services quickly as he knew I was in a rush and was very understanding.

The center is designed as an oasis of harmony and relaxation, where they provide techniques aiming to help us connect with happiness, and bring this out in us. From Yoga to creative expression sessions, meditation & breathing to life coaching sessions and more!

What I loved about the center was how they kept it neutral and open to all, there were no religion mentions, which makes it comfortable for all to join in!

The first 50 people to join them gets 25% discount, instead of 1000 AED they can enjoy all the wellness benefits for 750 AED, to hurry up and make sure you sign up here!

Their Monthly MBS Happiness Pass gives you UNLIMITED access to:

  • Daily Life Coaching Seminars
  • Daily Yoga Classes for all levels
  • Martial Arts Classes: Qi Gong & Ninjutsu
  • Daily Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercises
  • Creative Expression Workshops: Dance, Writing & Arts
  • Daily Relaxing Sound Journey with Tibetan Bowls & Gongs
  • Weekly Workshops on Career, Relationships, Nutrition, Self Development & more!

Their aim is to help us find happiness and happiness indeed was what I took with me from the center.

As you can see, I had an amazing and unique experience at the center, for someone who’s never being into spiritualism or meditation and yoga, this was a whole new experience which any age group could do! Very flexible and very enlighting.

I would encourage all my UAE readers to experience the center’s activities, for your own wellbeing. Our lives are so busy and chaotic these days that we tend to miss on the very basic necessity of our lives, to find ourself and to find happiness.
Happy Disvoverying yourself!





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