Kate Spade – Secret Admirer

Kate Spade – Secret Admirer collection

I’ve always loved the Kate spade collection, there is something about the brand that is so cheerful, colorful, playful and lovable! now where do you get this in a brand? I love the hint of playfulness and pink incorporated into the products.

The social media hype on Kate spade makes it even more desirable for women with a child within them!

I love their mugs and stationary collection, I mean where do you get brand that focuses even on stationary?? This is just so awesome! It would be great to add this as accents to your work desk or home office, makes your day even more special!

Unfortunately you don’t get the stationary in the Dubai branches anymore, 😦

but you can order this online.

Anyways my sister knowing how crazy I was about Kate spade, decided to gift me the ‘secret admirer confetti’ collection case.

I was so excited, it was the most cutest valentine gift ever!

You can find this in Dubai Festival City or Mall of the Emirates.

This post is not sponsored by Kate Spade


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