Early morning – A blissful time β˜•πŸ’–

You know that moment, when you feel the earth has stood still and you could actually hear yourself breathe, that moment of serenity takes place every morning for me.

Well, when I mean mornings I mean early mornings, like really really early mornings for some of you.

I would wake up, when hubby’s sleeping and switch on the water heater and right after a nice warm shower head for my coffee.. ahh the coffee such a bliss.. I’d say the best invention man has ever made!

Have you ever smelt the coffee and actually (imagine) the background music of nescafe commercial going on your head lol, Yes a cup of coffee can be quite a joyful moment.

When the sun starts to rise and this little golden ray, the first light hits the kitchen counter while I’m busy sipping my coffee, this is when I’d say my positive affirmations, count my blessings and be grateful for life.

This very moment makes a big difference to your life, I’d say this would be the kick start to your day, and you would be ready to face anything life hits you with!

Take this time to connect to your soul and your mind, it is very important to have a strong mind and thought to face your day positively.

I’d call this a warrior technique where you shine your armors and your weapons right before you hit the war field.

So friends, as I was saying. Do try to wake up early as I would call this an actual moment for you where no one can interrupt, just your thoughts, your loving coffee and You..a blissful moment in this fast paced world.


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