FENTY BEAUTY – Foundation & Lipgloss Review ðŸ’‹

The moment I heard Rihanna released her range of anticipated makeup collection, The “Fenty Beauty”, I did what most bloggers do, went straight for the reviews, Whenever I purchase a cosmetic product or any lifestyle-related products I always check on reviews and see what people have to say, their opinions, their feedback. Nothing like hearing … More FENTY BEAUTY – Foundation & Lipgloss Review ðŸ’‹

In-house Spa treatment ðŸ’–😌

You don’t have to go to a Spa to treat yourself you can have a spa treatment right at home! – Sephora – Lingzhi anti-aging eye mask – Sephora – Jelly moisturizing and                   energising face mask – The Face Shop – Blackhead Out strip – Biore – Deep Cleansing Nose Strip – Victoria Secret- … More In-house Spa treatment ðŸ’–😌