My Kiko Milano Haul💄🛍


On this post, I will be sharing my recent mini shopping spree with Kiko Milano. Did you know they were on sale? their entire store was for 30% off! (except the collections), I was quite lucky to stumble upon this sale at Mirdiff City Centre, hubby had to stop by to check out some shirts for him, and while passing by I saw a crowd at the Kiko Milano store, and noticed their boards “30% sale!” , that was it! I asked hubby to go along and will catch him later, he looked at me rolling his eyes and knew some damage was going to be done LOL.

Since the store was crowded, I wasn’t able to get as much as I actually wanted to, but nevertheless I atleast managed to get a few stuff which I really fell in love with, the store attendant was sweet enough to explain to me the products as much as she could, but she also had to cater to all the other women which were chaotic!

So what’s in my Kiko Milano bag?


  1. Stick for lips and Cheeks (In shade – 03)


This is a summer 2.0 limited collection, available in stick color, this duo purpose lip and cheek is a must have in your handbags this summer, you don’t have to carry your lipstick and blush separately when this 2 in 1 makes it so easier!
You can use this as a lipstick or a blush, Intense color if used as a lipstick and easy to blend if applied to the cheeks. The lips take center stage, displaying plenty of character. Elegant matte shades revive the cheeks’ coloring.

Application Instruction

Cheekbone application: after having applied the product on the cheekbones, adjust the intensity of the color by blending it with your fingertips. Apply again to intensify the color. For a more precise and sophisticated application, use the Summer2.0 Face Brush.

For a healthy glow, place the top part of the product on the cheeks and create a small circle of color. Then blend outward with the fingertips.

Lips application: for a simple application, apply the product directly to the lips.

Flawless, long-wearing makeup: apply a thin layer of Lip Base Primer. Outline the lips with the Invisible Lip Liner. Next, outline the contour with a lip pencil in the same color or a color that is slightly darker than Summer2.0 Lips & Cheeks.

Designer Ross Lovegrove created the satiny golden pink packaging exclusively for Kiko. The natural shapes that emerge during the summer inspired him.

the tube bearing the KK logo recalls the concentric ripples created by a drop of water falling into the ocean; viewed from the side, it recalls the sinuous movements of sand dunes and the lines sculpted by the wind on rocky cliffs. The resulting interplay of light brings to mind the sunshine glimmering on sea waves.

The practical packaging is compact as well as elegant and refined. The raised surface provides a new tactile and visual experience that makes it uniquely sophisticated and, at the same time, easy to find in a purse or make-up bag. Practical, innovative magnetic closure.

2.  Coloured Lip Balm (In shade – 06 Blackberry)



This is a coloured, moisturizing balm that adds a touch of delicate, radiant colour to the lips, I always have to apply a lip balm, in fact, I am a lip balm addict, because of the constant drying of my lips, and whenever I go out I always have to wear my lip balm before any lipstick. You can imagine how much I love this product, it not only has the richness of shea butter but an amazing natural color to it as well. So this summer I can skip lipsticks and use this! The product claims to increase your lips moisture level to 14% after 28 days of application.

The formula enriched with:

  • Softening shea butter;
  • Vitamins A, E, and C.
  • The creamy and comfortable texture that gently caresses the lips.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Application Instruction
Apply Coloured Balm to the lips, starting from the center of the mouth and moving to the corners.


The practical pen form ensures a flawless application. the product comes in a convenient twist and open, this comes in a balanced, minimalistic tube with a metallic finish. The seal featuring the KK logo adds a charming touch.

3. Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner (In shade – 315)


This is a long-lasting lip pencil in even, rich colors that precisely outline the lip contour.

The delicate texture glides on and blends easily. This transfer- resistant, waterproof pencil improves the lipstick’s hold and never smudges.

The liner gives a full coverage that’s smudge-proof. The lip contour is outlined precisely.

Application Instruction

Outline the lip contour with Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner, gently blend the color inward onto the lips and then apply your lipstick.


4. Precision Eye Liner (Black)


This little eyeliner, definitely lives up to its name ‘Precision’, the most precise eyeliner application I’ve come across, it has a felted tip which makes the gliding of the tip smooth, you can choose to draw the thinnest line to the thickest with this, perfect for the tip of your eyes, especially for the cat eyes! You get an Ultra-defined line thanks to its fast drying time.

Application Instruction:
One stroke of eyeliner, applied more thickly or more finely, depending on tastes, increases the brightness of your gaze, immediately making your makeup stand out more and giving greater structure.

Thanks to the practically felt applicator, this type of eyeliner are considered extremely easy to use even by those whose hand are not so steady!

Draw a line along the lashes, coming off at a slightly upward angle near the outer corner of the eye.


5. Full Coverage Concealer (In shade – 06)


This is a creamy total coverage concealer, specifically for problems with skin blemishes and acne scars, ideal for me since I get and have a lot of acne scars which makes it very frustrating when applying makeup.

Ideal for minimizing medium to serious imperfections such as age spots, moles, rosacea, and scars. The high coverage power combines with a surprisingly lightweight consistency, is non-greasy and easy to apply thanks to the anti-thickness pigments.

The dense and highly pigmented texture creates a film like a second skin, capable of hiding skin discolourations and defects perfectly. The result is even and natural correction that will stay put all day long.

Application Instruction

For a professional coverage of skin blemishes, apply Full Coverage Concealer before foundation directly on the area to be covered.

Apply a little at a time, dabbing and carefully blending the edges.

Repeat application, depending on the level of coverage desired.

Then go on to apply the foundation or the powder.

In the event of very evident blemishes, you may apply also on top of the foundation before the powder.


Contained in a mini-case with mirror, Full Coverage Concealer is the perfect size for your bag.

6. Dark Circle – Tone Eraser ( In shade – 02 Orange)


This tone corrector for deep dark circles conceals the dark circles under the eyes, giving you a rested look. Since I’m a light sleeper, and mostly on my gizmos I have dark circles under my eyes, and this is definitely helpful for me! Thanks to the soft-focus effect, imperfections seem to fade off.

The fine and velvety texture blends with the skin tone, creating a lightweight film with adjustable coverage, and ideal for your sensitive skin around your eyes.

Effectively obscures dark circles. Small expression lines look as if they have been smoothed out. The skin around the eyes takes on an even look.

That’s about all the products I purchased, what I wished I bought if I had more time was the color nail polishes, which had great and on sale price! And the lipgloss collection was too good!

Do go and check out their stores, and let me know what range of theirs did you like best? and what was your recent purchase from Kiko Milano?

Happy Shopping!

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