Sephora Makeup Action Event


Sephora Entrance

So I was invited to attend the Sephora Makeup Action event since I love Sephora products I was keen to attend the event and accepted the invitation.Was wondering what I should be wearing for the event, and what should I be taking with me, for more information on this click here.

Once I reached there, I was half and hour early to the event so I thought I’d find out where Sephora was since the mall was huge and I tend to get lost easily. Asked the information desk and walked around till I finally found Sephora! I went in and noticed a few people in already, one of the Sephora employees informed me about the event and asked me to check back or I could wait till 4pm the official time for the event.


Makeup Guide

The event had 3 highlights happening, they were:

  1. You can choose from 3 Nude make over looks by Sephora’s professional makeup artists, which are (The Matte Look, The Glowy Look, and the Bronze Look) they even give out catalogues with a how to guide and product information for these looks
  2. You can get free Nail services, with their nail bar services
  3. You can purchase a brush and get it engraved for free with your Name

Hearing about all this I was quite excited and looking forward to the event, so I decided to get back 10 mins before the event. Once I got back to Sephora there was a huge crowd already and I was regretting why I left the first place! So as I gave in my name I had to wait for an available makeup artist, they were already occupied.

So I waited for my turn and was offered lovely refreshments, From Mint/lemon drinks to macaroons and cookies. Since I was feeling sweaty waiting I helped myself with their refreshing mint drink and cooled myself!


When it was my turn, makeup artist ‘Rajwa’ a lovely girl asked what look would I want, and I told her I would love to have the Nude Matte look done, she smiled and took over, first, I had to remove all my makeup on and had to be a blank canvas for her to do her magic! and Voila she did such an amazing job and I felt my skin looked flawless and matte which is what I exactly wanted! when she was done we took a quick selfie together, told her I had to share on my blog!

Selfie with Makeup artist Rajwa
Sephora Nail Services

I walked over to the nail services, but it was too crowded and was kinda tired waiting, so I moved over to the next highlight which was the brush engraving, so I purchased myself the ‘Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush#50 and a couple of face masks and went to the cashier, once I purchased my items I was given a gift bag! I don’t know what it is, but any freebie is exciting for anyone! Took my little Sephora bag and headed to the engraving guy who asked me to write my name and engraved it on my brush.

Engraving in process
Engraved Makeup Brush

I was super excited to have a brush engraved with my name! Felt very special indeed!

The freebies were quite good, here they are!


Products Included in the gift pack:

  1. Too Faced – Melted Liquified Lipstick (Melted Peony)
  2. Benefit – The Porefessional
  3. Nars – Audacious Mascara
  4. Benefit – Dew the Hoola (Liquid Bronzer)
  5. Makeup Forever Lipstick (Rouge Artist Intense)
  6. The Fix – Nail Treatment
  7. Sephora – Rouge Infusion Lip gloss

Overall it was an exciting fun filled event and looking forward to the next upcoming event with Sephora!


Hope you find this post useful for your future events!

Thank you for reading!


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