ÉLÉVATIONE Skincare Review 💆‍♀️

About ÉLÉVATIONE ÉLÉVATIONE, a leading international skin care brand, was born from the idea that beauty goes beyond skin deep, and radiates even more than an aura. Taking its inspiration from the artist Salvador Dali, His life’s works as a roadmap, his essence an infusion and in his honor have created this brand. ÉLÉVATIONE is a … More ÉLÉVATIONE Skincare Review 💆‍♀️

FENTY BEAUTY – Foundation & Lipgloss Review 💋

The moment I heard Rihanna released her range of anticipated makeup collection, The “Fenty Beauty”, I did what most bloggers do, went straight for the reviews, Whenever I purchase a cosmetic product or any lifestyle-related products I always check on reviews and see what people have to say, their opinions, their feedback. Nothing like hearing … More FENTY BEAUTY – Foundation & Lipgloss Review 💋

L’Oreal Revitalift Moisturising Day and Eye Cream – Review 💮

We’ve all had this question pondering in us from our early 20’s, when do we start using a wrinkle cream? or start using a wrinkle treatment?. As per skin experts in your late 20s to mid – 30s, you enter a pre-aging stage. At this stage, you might start to notice little lines around your … More L’Oreal Revitalift Moisturising Day and Eye Cream – Review 💮

F-Boxx & Misslyn Collaboration – June’17 💙

Yay! another F-boxx to review! so excited! , if you notice my banner has a floral theme going on, that’s because this month’s F-boxx subscription box theme is floral, such a pretty box, I’m actually going to save it to store some pretty stuff! What I just love about this subscription box is its lifestyle […]

More F-Boxx & Misslyn Collaboration – June’17 💙