Zoco Restaurant Review (Mexican) Al Habtoor 🍽

zoco restaurant review

Since we had our Valentine booked for the La Perle show at Al Habtoor, we were lucky to get our reservations for the Zoco Restaurant a Mexican, Latin American
cuisine. I was looking forward to dining there as I’m not too experienced with the Mexican cuisine.

The reservation systems and the restaurant admin were great, despite being fully packed for valentines they managed to locate our reservation even though they had
some technical issues, I’m sure that’s because it was Valentines night and you had half the La Perle spectators dining here!

We were escorted to our table while entering I just couldn’t stop admiring the interiors, decors, and the impressive bottled ceiling! they had these glass bottles hanging
across the ceiling which spiced up the place!

Since it was valentines our table was decorated with rose petals which made us feel quite special that night, I guess its the little gestures that matter.

We were given menus by the very courteous and professional staff Neil since it was our first time he suggested the specials and the house popular appetizers!


There was a whole menu of alcohol beverages which I’m sure were great, but since we were non-alcoholic Neil very kindly suggested a few special mojitos for us.
We started off with the quite impressive and unique appetizers:

Queso Fundido, which was melted Mexican cheese with soft tortillas, served with a mix of mushrooms!

This was just cheesy goodness!! not only was the cheesy ozzingly delicious but the tortillas were soo soft they complimented each other so damn well!! For all you cheese fans out there you must not miss this!!


Also had their signature Guacamole with crispy nachos! No Mexican is complete with your Guacamole and Nachos!
For the main course we opted for the:


Carne Asada (a juicy steak with mashed potato, cheese croquettes, and snow peas!
I’ve never had steak with potato croquettes they definitely added a uniqueness to the dish! loved every bit of it! and the snow peas were a perfect combination!


Lamb (Lamb chops cooked to perfection, paired with crispily fried broccoli, and a hazelnut red pipian sauce of earthy spices, nuts, and chilies)
this dish was cooked to perfection with such a great essence of Mexican cuisine! and for someone who hates broccoli, these guys know how to make them taste

And now for my favorite part of dining, deserts!!!


We had Mole Fondant (Chocolate cake served with a ganache of “Mole Poblano”, a traditional Mexican sauce with chocolate, chilies, spice, and nuts!
all I can say is, this was heaven! the chocolate ganache combined with Mexican spices oomphed up the dessert, oh yes and they had vanilla ice cream on the side
which again was a perfect combination!


Churros Donuts – (Traditional fried donut dusted with cinnamon sugar, served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream).

First of all to add donuts to a desert was awesome!! cute little-sugared donuts with chocolate sauce and strawberries!! this is just soo good!
especially since the donuts were hot as they were freshly fried!! a perfect Valentine treat for my taste buds!

We ended the night talking about how great the food was, loved the ambiance, the friendly staff. Zoco is definitely a place to try for their unique, creative
and awesome Mexican cuisine!

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