Olay Luminous Whip

I’ve always been sentimental with the brand Olay if you ask me what is the fragrance I remember my mom for, I can tell you it was the Olay beauty fluid cream which was a staple in her beauty regime, and I still remember that amazing fragrance Olay used to have in that classic pink … More Olay Luminous Whip

Caudalie VinoPerfect – Dark Spot Correcting Cream

The problem with being an influencer is putting your skin through extreme conditions, whether its photoshoots in the peak of summer, makeup for every event, or brand meetings.. this exhausts your skin, especially if you have an already acne prone and sensitive skin with hormonal issues. Recently my skin just gave up on me and … More Caudalie VinoPerfect – Dark Spot Correcting Cream

Dr. Neem, Your regime expert ๐Ÿƒ

I’ve always been an admirer for natural products with natural ingredients as a key component, these days skin care products are filled with harmful chemicals that can cause serious invisible health issues, did you know that an antibacterial soap has a chemical called triclosan that interferes with the body’s regulation of thyroid hormones? These lead … More Dr. Neem, Your regime expert ๐Ÿƒ