Caudalie VinoPerfect – Dark Spot Correcting Cream


The problem with being an influencer is putting your skin through extreme conditions, whether its photoshoots in the peak of summer, makeup for every event, or brand meetings.. this exhausts your skin, especially if you have an already acne prone and sensitive skin with hormonal issues.

Recently my skin just gave up on me and broke out into a rash and acne, I, of course, had to see a dermatologist to cater to the root issue, which he too mentioned my skin just needed a break.

Despite going through my meds, I must say there was one cream I had stuck by and it was Caudalie Vino Perfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream.


Now, this cream I had been using for more than a week, and I must say I can see my dark spots fading, obviously to see a significant change I must try it out for a month. But you know the quality of skincare when you apply it on your face you can sense this is going to work.


Whats this product about?
A dark-spot-diminishing night cream powered by smoothing glycolic acid and brightening vine sap viniferine.

How to use:
-Apply a thin layer on skin before going to bed and wake up to visibly rested, hydrated and radiant skin.
-No need to rinse.

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and plumps the appearance of skin.
– Vegetal Butylene Glycol: Acts as a humectant to moisturize.

What Else You Need to Know:
This trio of gentle exfoliating and brightening stars—papaya extract, glycolic acid, and vine sap viniferine—diminish the appearance of dark spots and acne scars overnight. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, the formula is powered by time-released glycolic acid for continuous eight-hour penetration.

Clinical Results:
In a clinical self-assessment study of 21 women for 56 days: – 95% Found their skin brighter
– 90% Saw dark spots reduced
– 100% Found their skin rested

20190519_090721 - Copy

Now I will try this product for more than a month to see a significant change, but I’m glad I’m using a good quality night cream that I can feel is helping my skin recover, in terms of dark spots.

I’ve heard about this brand, and in terms of quality and brand assurance, Caudalie is definitely filled with positive reviews and trusted by a lot of women!

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