The Menu – Review

With a humorously surprising thriller flair, “The Menu” tackles by skewering, slicing, and dicing your experience! Located in an isolated Hawthorne Island, a 12-acre farm-to-table resort where the wealthy, famous, and snobbish spend $1,250 per person to enjoy the constantly-changing tasting menu crafted by Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) housing much of it inside the metallic outlines of an elevated designer restaurant, a shrine of haute cuisine.

Chef Slowik is a stern chef who both works as a drill sergeant for his army of cooks (who toil just behind the diners in an open kitchen responding militarily “Yes Chef! ) and as an agitated gourmet cult leader, introduces each meal with a resounding hand clap (That’s bound to make you jump) with a lecture outlining its significance. He instructs the diners, “Do not eat. The advice to “taste” without actually eating, in the most narcissistic attitude.

The Menu is a dark comedy, thrilling culinary delight! taking you through a gastronomical experience you can’t even imagine!

Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor were the highlights in terms of performance, and some giggly comedic moments from the legendary comedic personality John Leguizamo.

The movie serves every Palette with a crazy ride, one of the most unique and witty movies I’ve watched this year!

Highly recommend this movie, especially for all you foodies out there!

PG 15+ – Violence & mature language.

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