Devotion Movie Review

“Devotion,” tells the story of a Black pilot so determined to defend — and die for his country, that he was willing to endure institutional discrimination. Jesse Brown, was the first aviator of color to complete the Navy’s basic training program which at the time was a pretty big deal for the Black community.

Adapted for the screen by Jake Crane and Jonathan Stewart. Glen Powell, who is well known for playing wingmen this year with “Devotion” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” plays Tom Hudner, and Jonathan Majors plays Jesse Brown.

The experiences of Lt. Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown in the Korean War are detailed in Adam Makos’ 2014 book, “Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, A social justice drama set against the backdrop of the Korean War.

The film is not just a display of Black excellence; it also celebrates the one white officer who had Brown’s back, Tom Hudner, treating the bond these two men formed as something special unto itself.

The friendship that grew between Hudner and Brown was beautiful to watch amidst all the racism Brown had to go through, Hudner was a ray of hope and light who grew to understand the hardship Brown was undergoing.

As colored people we could relate to the discrimination one had to go through to prove themselves, and the movie was an emotional and fitting tribute to the real men behind an incredible true story.

“Devotion” takes place in 1950, Before the civil rights movement, however, at a time when segregation was widely practiced in the United States, Brown would have taken such discrimination full force. Men like Hudner were the exception: someone decent enough to offer Brown a lift when his car breaks down, or to step in and throw the first punch when less accepting soldiers try to provoke a fight.

We live in a world where adults and children look up to superheroes that are fantasy-built characters mostly Comic heroes, buts it’s time we show and look up to the real heroes who have proved their worth and their lives in saving people or their country.

There’s so much to look forward to watching in Devotion, especially giving us Top Gun Maverick vibes, the movie is so much more showing us the importance of Equality, Respect, Friendship, and Sacrifice.

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