Black Panther Wakanda Forever – Review

Wakanda Forever is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, after Chadwick passing in 2020, the filmmakers had to rethink how a sequel would work without his character, T’Challa.

In respect of “Honoring Chadwick Boseman’s legacy & portrayal of T’Challa, MarvelStudios had decided not to recast the character, but instead wanted to explore the world of Wakanda & the rich characters introduced in the first film,”

Ryan Coogler, who signed on to write and direct the sequel after directing and cowriting the first, and many of the cast reprised their roles, Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, Winston Duke, Martin Freeman, and Letitia Wright.

We were honored and excited to attend the movie premiere and I must say it was one of the most memorable premieres I’ve attended!

The Movie – Wakanda Forever

Wakanda forever is a beautiful love letter and tribute to Chadwick Boseman. The loss of T’Challa in the movie and Boseman in real life becomes pervasive and ambient. The plot of the movie is based on the stages of grief: T’Challa’s sister Shuri (Letitia Wright), who is furious and seeking revenge, finds solace in technology, while their mother Ramonda (Angela Bassett), who is devastated but composed, seeks solace in spirituality. It’s as if the Afrofuturist setting’s two opposing elements have been divided in two. To live their lives on, they all struggle. Death is not the end, as the characters remind us.

Angela Bassett gives us the most regal and commanding performance as Queen Ramonda, her presence and her charging emotions was radiating in her performance.

Letitia Wright gracefully emoted her pain, grief, and loss in the most relatable manner, she had to take the biggest burden of all as Tchallas sister Shuri, and the expectations from her were very high. You will be glad and satisfied to see her do justice to her role, and for sure Chadwick would have been proud of her effort and performance.

Tenoch Huerta plays Namor the Sub-Mariner, a Marvel character who interestingly had first appeared back in 1939. The innovative reimagining of the legendary comic book character speaks the truth with believable malice. Giving us a mesmerizing performance, Namor makes an outstanding opponent. His character is linked to Mesoamerican history and Spanish colonization by director Ryan Coogler, and there is a similar feeling of concrete, actual past to Wakanda.

This movie is Possibly the most intensely felt and emotionally rich spectacle from Marvel Studios and a great and master background score by Ludwig was an all-time high.

Wakanda Forever is more significant than BlackPanther in scope and size, but it also has one of Marvel’s most personal and emotional stories.

In a way, structured around Chadwick Boseman as the central figure. This movie is about grief, Loss, and Vengeance. The focus is on mourning and the grieving process rather than a superhero spectacle which is respectful for Chadwick fans out there.

Make sure to wait for the mid-credit there’s something all Chadwick fans will find emotional and heartwarming. (Get your tissues ready this was a real tear-jerker for me).

Make sure to book your tickets asap! this is a movie you wouldn’t want to miss!

PG 13: (Action, Violence, and Grief)

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