Black Adam – Review

The DCEU’s most recent project, Black Adam, had a highly promising opening weekend box office haul that belied the film’s mixed critical reviews. Since the late 2000s, Black Adam has been under development, which is why it caused a lot of disappointment when it debuted to unfavorable reviews. Despite these negative reviews from critics, Black Adam got a positive response from viewers, and it had a successful opening weekend.

Johnson’s larger-than-life physique makes him an ideal actor to play a superhero and Black Adam caters to his strengths, resulting in a reasonably entertaining origin story of a Middle Eastern slave who is transformed into a god-like Hero. 

Johnson is joined in the cast by Aldis Hodge (aka Hawkman), Pierce Brosnan as the superhero sorcerer Kent Nelson (aka Doctor Fate), Quintessa Swindell (aka Cyclone), and Noah Centineo (aka Atom Smasher).

Outside of the film’s superpowered characters, Sarah Shahi portrays the archaeologist who awakens Teth-Adam, Bodhi Sabongui plays her son, and comedian and actor Mohammed Amer (Mo) plays her brother. Marwan Kenzari plays the Intergang member in pursuit of the powerful relic known as the Crown of Sabbac.

Although it seems like a crowded cast, the plot’s focus is Johnson’s superpowered character, and his performance frequently brings the meandering, overcrowded narrative back to its original objective.

Though Johnson is the only other standout in the packed group. Still, Brosnan gives a remarkable performance as the mysterious Doctor Fate, who seems like the supporting figure most deserving of a second outing in the DCEU.

A very interesting fact I learned about the movie was that The Justice Society of America was the very first superhero team in comic book history!

Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero presents an intriguing new dynamic to the DCEU, one which I hope will be explored more than it was here as the film can be too busy at times. Solid visual effects & Epic background score. The post-credits scene got the most significant reaction of all.

PG Rating – 13 + (Violence & Intense action)

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