Emily In Paris – Inspired Outfit

One of my favorite Netflix series is Emily in Paris, I’ve always loved Parisian aesthetics and especially Emily’s eclectic wardrobe.

It’s no mystery why the outfits in Emily in Paris have such a je ne sais quoi, considering that they’re all styled by Patricia Field, who famously dressed Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and made her a cultural fashion icon.

Through Emily’s eclectic wardrobe, she’s managed to capture a similar essence of mismatched perfection, with looks that feel like every piece was pulled at random, then worn by someone with enough confidence to not make you think twice about whether or not they work—they just do.

There was one look, in particular outfit I was obsessed with, it was a hot pink trench coat I knew I just had to have!

Emily In Paris – Season 1 – Episode 4

Shein Curve had the perfect trench coat giving me the perfect #emilyinparis vibe!

Here’s me replicating the look from #emilyinparis

Outfit Details
@sheincurve @sheinofficial @shein_ar

🌸 Drop Shoulder Split Hem Overcoat
ID – 7206257

🌸 Heart Embroidery Drop Shoulder Cardigan
ID – 4674517

🌸 Camera Cross Bag
ID- 764420

Use Discount Code – sarQ4 (extra 15% off)

” #EverythingsComingUpRoses! ”

— Emily

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